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Idea Of Religion Based Reservations

The idea of reservations in general is to provide the just and equal opportunities to those who belong to the weaker section of the society. The reservation system that exists in our country provides favours to the minority section of the society i.e. the Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes. These are known to have history of lacking behind in educational and financial aspects.

As far as our constitution is concerned Article 15(1) prevents the State from discriminating anybody on the basis of religion. It was also stated by the Supreme Court of India in the case of Nainsuleh Das vs. State of Uttar Pradesh that the constitutional mandate to the State not to discriminate on the ground of religion extends to every political as well as other rights.

Here in this article, it is discussed about how it will affect the society as a whole if the reservations are to be granted on the basis of the religion they belong to.

Implementation of Religion based reservations may result in social unrest in the society. It will disunite people of the country; seeing that a particular religion is getting favours irrespective of other aspects of life such as education, financial status, job opportunities, other religions would feel endangered. This will become an act of distrust in the government.

And even if a part of government tries and recognizes the need of religion-based reservations in the country; it will stand unconstitutional because the idea and approach of Dr. BR Ambedkar given through Indian Constitution does not, in any way support religion-based discrimination among the people of the society.

The biggest problem and disadvantage of having religious reservations in any country would be the Religion Conversions; as it would create tension among the various sections of the society. Any religion would feel inferior and would consider converting into other favourable religion. Converting would be considered as the only choice left.

Another problem that will be faced by implementing religion-based reservations would be that it will provide favours and reservations to a particular religion irrespective of considering the financial or educational or employment status. It will not focus on who needs help or who does not it will concentrate on a particular religion as a section of society to be helped by reservation which will be unjust and biased.

For instance, poverty exists in all the religions, poverty does not know religion it knows humanity. So, it will be unjust to give reservations on the basis of religion.

Above mentioned are the disadvantages or the problems that will be faced by the society if reservation of the basis of religion exists.

Below, are the mentioned advantages of the Religion based reservations (in case it is implemented in near future).

If it is known to the government of any country that any particular religion lacks behind or deprives in education and finances, then religion-based reservations would help that particular religion to get favourable chances and opportunities in different spheres of the society such as education, employment etc.

Any religion that feels and experiences inferiority in the society due to many reasons will be uplifted by such measures of religion-based reservations. Any religion would not suffer injustice due to lack of chances they get, education is the foremost important thing in one's life. And getting reservations on the basis of religion would help that particular religion in getting the justice for their rights that they deserve. Every section of the society will then be able to fight back with all the knowledge they have and will not be left behind due to any such reasons.

In my opinion, as everything in this world hold its own advantages and disadvantages; Religion based reservation, if implemented ever, will face both hate and support in the society. This system will have its own favours to individuals and a religion as a whole. Implementing such a system will act as a gift to those who belong to such a religion that lacks behind in some aspects of life as a whole as this system will help each one of those fight back with all the respect and knowledge that the society can provide to each one of us living in it.

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