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Concept of reasonableness in alternative dealing in the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)

Concept of reasonableness in alternative dealing in the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)

In alternative dealing and transactions, the parties ' actions for a second transaction shall be constrained by the cost of the offending party and observance of custom and reasonable price. In the language of the Convention in these transactions, rational method and reasonable time should be considered as a criterion for the action of the parties . As a rule, it should be noted that both aspects of rationality needed at a reasonable time and rational method should be considered within the context of a reasonable person. Because it is the way to run action from personal choices and, consequently, on subjective choice.

Reasonableness is an easy word, impossible to define in the range of law. This concept has played a significant role in international trade, including the Convention of international sale of goods, as some of which are known as one of the general principles governing contracts.

According to the 75 Convention, If the contract is invalid and the buyer has sold the goods to the other after nullity reasonably and reasonably, the seller has sold the goods to the other, which claim that the price difference can be charged and collected in a contract with the price of the alternative deal, as well as any other damages which may be charged under the prior article.

Therefore, if an agreement is terminated and then at a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner the Buyer sells alternative goods through other means, the loser can claim the difference between the first contract and the second contract in addition to other damages caused by this violation to the principle of 74.

Different researchers have studied the principle of 75 convention but it has not been given enough attention to the practical aspect of their concept. In this article, we try to analyze and analyze two concepts of rational method and reasonable time. The present paper consists of three parts. In the first and second parts, each of the two reasonable times and reasonable time is considered separately, and the third part is the conclusion.
  1. An alternative deal( transaction) in a reasonable manner

    The term reasonable style is used only in principle 75 of the Convention. According to Article 75 of the Convention, the damaged side can only claim a contract between the original contract and the succession contract as well as damages that have been replaced by a resale or purchase of a successor in a reasonable manner. Since the method of performance of a person is a manifestation of personal selection and related to the character and behavior of each individual, the criterion and criteria identification criteria must be investigated in a reasonable person's conception.

    A reasonable person is defined as a hypothetical person in a society that has a common sense of judgment, skills, and behaviours. A reasonable person is neither very careful nor very reckless. This person is not acting in any way unless it is necessary to learn the necessary skills required. Always take care of his actions, observe the circumstances, the circumstances, and observe moral standards.

    Therefore, choosing a reasonable approach is based on one's personality. This should be emphasized that a reasonable person's criteria must be examined in compliance with individual behaviour from the same type in other circumstances.

    In order to claim the price differential of the original contract and the substitute contract, it is said that the resale or purchase of substitute commodities can be made reasonably. It should be noted that carrying out an alternative transaction in a reasonable way means that the transaction should be performed at reasonable terms (in terms of price, quality, and performance).

    Therefore, it should be considered whether a frequent trader in the form of a buyer may do such a transaction or not? The Buyer must try to reach an agreement with the seller in a situation like the original contract. The Buyer must take reasonable steps to ensure the best price and not necessarily have a detailed market analysis. What makes sense depends on all circumstances, like the Buyer's need to buy the product.

    Therefore, it is said that in order to have a substitute contract reasonably within the framework of the contract, the contract should be concluded in such a way that the maximum price of selling is possible to a reasonable extent possible due to circumstances and the minimum price and value of the purchase that the mystics may pay.

    Therefore, by examining a reasonable way, it should be said that a reasonable person's behavior should be to enforce an alternative transaction under favorable conditions, i.e., resale at the highest reasonable price possible under conditions or on the back of purchase. The same criteria should be applied to determine the fairness of the rules and conditions of an alternative transaction.

    However, if the alternative transaction is not done reasonably, there is no damage to the losses incurred, and the damage is calculated as if there is no substitute contract. Perhaps giving an example could reveal this. A French company commissioned an Italian company to prepare and make a swim. He canceled the purchase of the Buyer. He made an alternative deal and sued the Italian vendor citing the principle of the Convention on compensation and loss.

    The court rejected the Buyer's request for losses and losses, for it was revealed to the court that the Buyer paid more than the original contract for an alternative deal. Thus, the Buyer has not acted in a reasonable manner based on the principle of the contract.
  2. An alternative deal at a reasonable time

    The term reasonable time in the Convention and other international documents has neither been interpreted nor defined. There is no guidance or guidance to identify the so-called expression, and only with the back - up, and sometimes referred to as saying. The term has been investigated by commentators. Various researchers have suggested a variety of offers to define the term. The common way to define all of them is to be vague in the meaning of the term, and that the term should be considered only in terms of the circumstances and conditions of each particular case.

The reasonable time refers to the amount of time when it is relatively necessary to do everything that is required to do so easily under conditions that are allowed. In contracts, the reasonable duration of a mental standard is based on individual facts and conditions of each case and with the application in different contexts � so if the parties have not specified a certain time to implement the contract, the rule will determine a reasonable amount of time when the contract is executed. A reasonable period of time by the court in light of the nature and issue of the contract, the aim of each side is determined to make the contract and other conditions, conditions, and circumstances in certain conditions.

Moreover, an alternative deal should be carried out in a reasonable manner, at a reasonable time after the violation. The purpose of this condition is to prevent the Buyer from taking a gamble on the market to the detriment of the Seller. Of course, this does not mean the Buyer has to react immediately. It should be noted that a reasonable person's concept should also be applied over a reasonable amount of time.

Thus, the reasonable duration is determined according to the circumstances of each individual. There are cases in the law that takes two weeks into account as a reasonable time. There are also other cases that have been assigned a longer period of time under certain conditions.

For example, a German company as Buyer gave the production of 140 winter shoes to an Italian producer. After ordering the manufacture of shoes, the Producer demanded the release of bail until the full tally of the vendor. But the purchaser did not pay. The seller, therefore, declared that the contract was terminated and sold the shoes to other retailers.

In the continuation of the Producer, the Producer, based on the 75 Convention, called for compensation of various damages resulting from the breach of contract (for example, compensation for the difference between the original and alternative contract price, loss of interest, the expense of the lawyer and �).

On the contrary, the Buyer took charge in general but was protesting at the extent of the damage. The Buyer said the shoes were sold about two months after the contract broke out on the market. So the bet reasonable time has not been achieved in principle 75. However, the Producer stated that the inventory of vendors held in August for the coming season is almost nil, and there is no reason to buy more goods during the winter. The court accepted the argument.

It is observed that a reasonable amount of time is determined according to circumstances and circumstances. By contrast, as long as the loser has not announced that the contract has been terminated, the reasonable period does not begin.

In contracts, it is an abstract concept that contains a mental process and theoretical exploration that has been studied in all aspects and angles of subject matter and conditions prevailing. The purpose of the application of reasonableness is to balance the rights and obligations between the parties. Because the balance of equilibrium is the essence of being rational.

By examining the two terms of reasonable time and reasonable time, we discovered that both aspects of reasonableness must be examined within the context of a reasonable person. Therefore, the damaged side in order to demand a contract between the original contract and alternative contract must be resale or purchase of substitute goods in a reasonable manner. In this principle, the criterion for identifying the reasonable method must be investigated in the sense of a reasonable person.

Because the method of performance of a person is a manifestation of personal selection and character related to the person's character. Moreover, it is also a matter of reasonable time. It should be noted that the rational person is defined as a hypothetical person in a society that has a sense of judgment, skills, and normal behaviours. A reasonable person is neither very careful nor very reckless. This person is not acting in any way unless it is necessary to learn the necessary skills required. To make it more fair, it should be stressed that a reasonable person's criteria must be examined in compliance with individual behaviour of the same type as it is involved in the same type of business or business.


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