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Impact of COVID- 19 on Education System

Year 2019- 2020 will be the remarkable period in the upcoming history. The year 2019-20 had created havoc to the world with the deadly disease caused by corona virus popularly known as COVID- 19 ('CO' stands for Corona 'VI' stands for Virus and 'D' stands for Disease and '19' for the year 2019). Corona pandemic had not only affected the death rates but also the 'economy' of the world especially the European and Asian countries. Due to lockdown announced in the country since mid of March, 2020 for 4 months had badly affected the financial status of every middle class.

On the other hand, the worst affected sector by this pandemic is education sector so to maintain social distancing and preventing the spreading of disease. In this pandemic most affected categories are of migrant labourers, employees at private sector and youngsters. Social distancing is the only precaution which we can do and in schools and colleges mass gathering is there which could help in spreading the disease more rapidly. This pandemic is an uncertain situation and nobody knows how long it will be continuing.

As we have witnessed that due to the spread of corona virus and faster increasing disease rate all over the country, state governments have declared that all schools and colleges/ universities will be closed, opted for online classes and either reschedule the examination or had postponed it.

Apart from this, several entrance exams and competitive exams have been delayed. In this way, many youngsters' career had been at stake (especially those who have completed/ are in their final years). The closure of schools and college institutes will be resulted in a heavy human capital loss and basic fundamental right of every student.

Everything from education to employment had become virtual seizing of physical movements. Closing of schools and colleges had not affected only the studies of students but also the newly admitted teachers due to inability to pay their salary.

Benefits Of Online Education System

Corona pandemic had affected almost more than half of the student population all over the world. This worst pandemic had forced the schools and colleges to shift from traditional learning system to advance learning system or e- learning. Students are getting their education by sitting at home.

They do not now have hectic schedule to wake up 2 hours early in morning, bathing, getting ready and going to schools. They learn in their comfort zone. It had provided equitable access to education to all those having internet facilities, changed method of examination pattern have been adopted i.e. students need not to do cramming process to pass exams. One benefit of postponement of exams is that students got extra time to revise the materials and focus on their weak points.

Marks have been assigned on the basis of internal assessments and in college, students are being provided with research works (for assessment) which are one of the effective methods of evaluation. Many institutes have also provided coaching classes on discount. As we already know that internet had made the global world a small village where people from across the world could connect.

The same is in e- learning where the through the mode of internet, students all across geographies of India have connected and been able to access healthy interactive classes. Students have been able to grab qualitative learning through online education system which might be not possible in majority of traditional education institutes.

Teachers have also adopted new methods of teaching like through PPTs, videos, video conferencing which are considered as one of the best and fast learning medium of teaching. Students are able to analyze more effectively what they are being taught and definitely learn new computer skills as they have to do lots of assignments through computer or laptops only. Even those who are preparing for competitive exams are being provided with an opportunity to avail online crash course or classes on 50% discount.

Even certificate courses are being provided for different subjects with a minimal cost and even free webinars (online seminars) are organized on current or important topics for enhanced knowledge.

Negative Impact Of Covid- 19 On Education System

The worst effect had been caused on the examinations and internships of students. Most of colleges or universities including IITs and other medical and law colleges had denied from taking online examination of students. I don't find any reasonable cause for taking such step by schools and colleges. I personally condemn this step of not taking exams of senior secondary and higher school students.

The schools cancelling 12th board exams (for left out subjects) and given result based on internal assessment only in which the student at top position have scored 100% which is unimaginable. It is true that mark sheet can't decide our future but marks decides that how much more hard work is needed or that how much a person is needed to improve himself. Hearing 100% in boards is very sweet but it could build difficulties in future in building career.

Moreover, online learning had also been a problem to poor or lower middle class students who do not have any internet facilities. Most of the online classes were taken on zoom app which again created security problems to students (till govt. had banned all Chinese apps). But after that even most of students have been facing problems in joining online classes due to connectivity problem in their area.

Next biggest problem faced by higher school students is internship. Mainly internship is for gaining practical experience regarding whatever you have studied in your graduation period. But due to pandemic mostly internships are conducted online which basically provide more research and promotion works only. This just polishes analytical skill but does not give any type of practical experience.

Even some colleges have take out a new formula to extract education fees from the students i.e. they are allowing students to attend online classes if they have paid proper fees. Here money had stopped the students from gaining their basic rights which is again a condemnable situation. Postponement of exams had created a new burden on the students.

Somewhere, students are missing their school life where they used to enjoy a lot with their friends apart from studying and other extra- curricular activities. An emotional relationship is created between teacher and pupils who is not there in the digitalized learning. Laboratory based practical studies in technical subjects like engineering and medical is as important as that of theory part which is not possible in this pandemic period which is again a big loss to such students.

The year 2020 is going to be most remarkable period of 21st century with millions of death all over the world and degraded economy of countries which are worst affected. In India, the data states that latest COVID cases had reached to 15 lakhs, out of which 34k deaths have been caused. Education sector is also one of the most affected sectors. In this pandemic time regular hand washing and social distancing or isolation is what we can do.

It is unpredictable that how long it will take to reinstate to the normal situation but till then we have to follow every single precautionary measures. We all know that online education can never replace traditional educational system. Moreover, digitalized learning gave birth to a new kind of discrimination between those who have access to internet and those who did not have and the main important thing that is interaction between student and teachers have also been affected.

But, apart from certain challenges and looking at current situation, online studying is the only option available to students. Still school staffs shall adopt basic precautions like sanitizing hands (after every 2-3 hours), washing hands with soap up to 20 seconds, wearing masks at work station, taking immunity drinks and juices, social distancing etc.

Today, we all Indians are in high alert situation in which we all have to take care of our as well as others health.

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