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Innovate For A Green Future

Green innovation-is defined as an innovation which consist of new and modified process, practice, system which benefit the environment and contribute towards its sustainability. Attention to the environmental sustainability today represents an essential issue for the whole world. People are changing their attitudes it is not because of they are forced by national and international laws.

Countries are trying to achieve the slogan GO GREEN to find several methods and practices to deal with environmental issues. Go green means to adopt or achieve certain practices and habits that can reduce the overall impact on the environment. Nowadays, people start paying more attention to the environment related issues, therefore it has become a global topic. The change in Earth's environment is caused by human and the developments which we made for the benefit. The environment has changed a lot due to over usage of the resources, therefore the Earth's environment has been damaged.

Fundamentally, human health also depends on a healthy environment and the present environmental changes are largely due to the result of human activities. Its high time now to think about our nature and environment and move towards a green future for the welfare of human race. We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, we had borrowed it from our next generation and this proverb says it all why we need to save our environment and move towards a green future. Understanding the need for having a healthy and green environment the world has made many laws related to environment and many summits and conventions are also there to look into the problems related to environment and solving it.

The development of international laws related to environment began with the creation of United Nations and its various agencies in 1945. The first global conference on environment was convened by UNESCO in 1968 at Stockholm, known as the UN Conference on Human Environment.

There are many summits and convention for preserving our environment like Vienna convention 1985, Brundtland commission, Earth summit 1992. But as we are moving towards modernization and industrialisation we are somewhere compromising with our future needs and will also make our next generation suffer.

As we all are aware the world is fighting with a virus named coronavirus which has been declared a pandemic by WHO, causing the human race to suffer a lot many lost their lives, there are over 1lakhs deaths all over the world and many active cases, till date no cure has been found to fight coronavirus the only thing which we could do is social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. Countries, to avoid the spread of virus are following the lockdown method almost every country is following this method, no one is allowed to move out of their houses.

But the thing which is to be payed attention during this lockdown is the world is healing itself. With human indoors due to coronavirus the planet heals itself and celebrate. China reports decrease in air pollution, ozone layer is healing itself, Himalayas are clearly visible in India from northern edge states like Punjab. These are the clear example which shows that we humans are ourselves responsible for deteriorating the quality of our nature.

The end of the 20th century, we humans have faced a variety of serious ecological and sustainable development issues and these issues have become a hot topic now a days. Sustainable development as a new model of development has become a trend for social development in many countries. This is a kind of progress of human social civilization. But people have different opinions and suggestions regarding the understanding of sustainable development.

This is about how people grasp and achieve sustainable development through different innovations. Sustainability means to create a new design goal and the design innovation is new model of sustainable development to explore the human survival and the living environment. There are various examples which showcase how the humans are achieving sustainable development through different innovations and models.

Example1 The Green buildings are a part of global response to create awareness about the role of human activity in causing global climate change. Hence green building using natural ventilation to reduce the use of air-conditioning are created.

Art School In Singapore follows the green design it has a green roofs, water recycling plants, low-energy and they use recycled materials wherever possible, it is one of the great energy saving way. Example2 Now one of the biggest problems which we are facing is how to tackle with the increase in the number of plastic products. Plastic is one of the biggest reason behind land, air and also water pollution. Many countries have banned the use of plastic but still it is available in many forms like we use plastic water bottles. According to a research Americans use 29 billion of water bottle a year.

So the scientists have innovated Edible Water Balls named ooho which will solve the problem of plastic bottles in future and help the world to move towards a green future. Innovation doesn’t mean that every time we need to develop or invent a thing which could help us in achieving our target of sustainable development. Innovation can also be in our mind, we should also change our mindset in order to achieve our goal or aim. New products are made which cost lots of money in inventing it and it takes huge amount of time to be made.

Apart of these things we can try other different methods like, the world biggest issue now a days is the rise in level of air pollution so instead of developing big air purifiers, we could find other solutions as well like as we all know the motor vehicles are one of the biggest reasons behind the increase in air pollution, so motor should be developed in a way like if the vehicle is in the stationary position it should asses that the stop like when the cars or other vehicles are standing in the traffic signal for a long time it should asses that and stop on its own, this could be a good innovation.

Then in education sector for the books ,notebooks every year many trees are cut down so in order to decrease deforestation a thing could be done like the same books could be used every year, it should be kept in the library and when the next batch comes they could take it from there and use it and then again when there purpose is over they can return back it to the library this would definetly have a positive impact on our nature. Schools could also go for online classes or can even use laptops or tablets provided by the schools for only the school purpose.

Next, people should more and more move towards public transport rather than using their own vehicles, this could also decrease the amount of pollution in air. There are also various laws in respect of controlling pollution like The Air Act 1981, The Water Act 1974, The Environment Act 1986. The Pollution laws have become important for industries. The industries which are creating pollution has to work under the permissible limit given under the laws. Disobedience could lead to the closer of industry and criminal prosecution for management.

The closer of the units are ordered normally if deficiencies are not corrected after giving due time by pollution board to correct them. These laws also need to be amended according to today's time. There are various other ways by which government can control the level of pollution like road traffic rationing, increasing green cover along side of the roads, vaccum cleaning of the roads. These are some of the small steps which could lead to greener and safer environment.

The Choices We Make Today Will Shape Our Future we all have a role to play in creating a green future. We all have creativity, innovative ideas, ingenuity to come up with more new and effective ideas and innovations to shape a Low Carbon Future.

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