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Is Humanity Still Alive?

Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental testů..consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy animals-Milan Kundera

This quote is not implementable after the happening of this cruel act, by some worst people, or I must say, the devils, even the devils are good enough as compared to these worse people. I hope the readers are aware of the recent news about the female elephant, who was carrying a precious gift of the almighty (baby elephant) in her womb. Since, yesterday the instagram stories, whatsapp statuses, snapchats are full of these stories, depicting that the unborn baby elephant is asking his mom that mom, these humans are so good and helpful, that they are giving us fruits. And the female elephant, despite of knowing everything, replies her child that yes child, these humans are so caring for us.

And after consuming the pineapple, the innocent creature's mouth bursted and the innocent creature, suddenly rushed towards the nearest water body. As soon as the elephant reached the water body, while standing only for just a few seconds; the almighty called both mother and son to their heaven.

Let me tell you a religious fact, that before the commencement of the KALIYUGA, the almighty lord SHREE VISHNU told that this Kaliyuga, will be the worst ever period because during this period, most of the humans will not respect women, children and animals as well. To this, Lord Shree Narad ji asked the almighty Lord Shree Vishnu, that Lord! By this no one will be able to live on this earth. Lord Vishnu smiled and replied that Narad, whosoever will do these heinous crimes to especially these 3 categories, will have to face all the hurdles and punishments and has to pay for all these crimes in this age itself.

We all are aware of all the heinous acts being done on the women, children; very commonly, but from yesterday's saddest news we are all aware that these humans are not leaving the animals also. What's Left Then After This? Humanity is not left now in this India.

Let me tell you one more thing, in our India there are numerous Shreemad Bhagwatacharyas, but there is a well known Shreemad Bhagwatacharya named DEVI CHITRALEKHAJI. Deviji, at her younger age, started preaching Shreemad Bhagwat and she is the founder of GAU SEVA DHAM HOSPITAL, on the national highway of Hodal, Palwal (Haryana). I promise to all the animal lovers, that if you all love our Fauna, then you must visit gau seva dham hospital, and I assure you all that after seeing the conditions of the cows and other animals there, you all will realize that how much pain, these creatures are suffering.

It is my humble request to all the readers that we all must come forward to punish the offenders and I humbly request our Indian Judiciary to make such laws that these offenders must be punished with death penalty, so that the young generations are aware of all this and think atleast thrice before doing these crimes.

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