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NLU v/s Non NLU - A Dilemma

National Law University could be a dream of almost every law aspirant as they're best regarding legal education. Within the contemporary world law is becoming one among the foremost popular fields regarding education in India. Law schools are increasing with the amount of scholars choosing this field and is increasing year by year.

Every educatee wishes to induce admission in a exceedingly law college for a brighter future. It is an extremely important to induce admission in a very good law college to form a successful career within the field of law.
Every student dream to check in NLU as they're the most effective government colleges for law students. National Law Universities or NLU are considered as most prime institutes for law courses in India. This text explains the difference of studying from a NLU vs a Non-NLU.

Pros of Studying in National Law University (NLU)

  1. Excellent packages offered to students

    Almost all renowned companies comes to the NLUs for the recruitment of students. First preference are always given to the NLU students as compared to non-NLU students. The companies are aware of the Brand Name which a NLU carries and comes to recruit the best one for their organization
  2. Preference during job interview

    Preference is always given to the students of NLU as compared to non-NLU students. NLU students are considered to be most knowledgeable and that's what is the main reason behind the preference of an NLU student because every organization wants to recruit the best ones only.
  3. Nominal fee structure

    One of the benefits of being in a NLU is that the fees is very affordable as they are the government colleges in comparison to the non-NLU colleges. On an average most of the private colleges offers law courses in around five lakhs or even more than that whereas NLU offers the same courses within five lakhs or even less than that
  4. Facility of Moot Court

    Not all the colleges provide moot court facilities to their students , but every NLU provides this opportunity to their students to participate in national as well as international moot court competitions

Cons of Studying in National Law University (NLU)

  1. Huge pressure of expectation and stress

    When a student goes to a top NLU expectations on him/her are massive. As it is often said being a NLU student brings plenty of responsibility similarly as expectations and also the one fulfilling it'll only be ready to survive in such a competitive environment. NLU students are under such a lot peer pressure similarly as family pressure and also the only way to handle that pressure is be on the list of top performing students , doing ample number of excellent internships , participating in National Moots and publish articles in some of the top journals
  2. Less likely to do long term internships

    NLUs schedule is structured in such a way that the scholars don't seem to be able to get more than a month or two at a time for his/her internships. They're always kept occupied and sometimes not with such a lot productive work because of which they are ineffectual to intern for a protracted duration. Comparatively a non- NLU gets much time for the internships which helps them to urge practical experience which indeed helps them by increasing their chances and obtain placement in lam firms and a few of the good law chambers
  3. Specialization not available

    All specializations don't seem to be available at every National Law University. Just like , if a student want to pursue BBA.LL.B from NLU there are only few NLUs which provide this course. Talking about the top NLUs only GNLU (Gujarat National Law University) and NLUJ (National Law University Jodhpur) offers this particular course. So , basically in most of the NLUs the specified specialization isn't always available
  4. Old teaching techniques

    National Law Universities follow old techniques for teaching. In the present scenario , it lacks behind from the new and modern teaching techniques which are followed in other law schools. Nowadays , students are highly comfortable with new technologies and techniques of teaching. This is considered to be one of the main grounds where the NLUs are lacking in the current time.
  5. Less seats and high level of competition

    Very less amount are seats are offered by the NLUs which in turn creates a high level of competition among the students. According to statistical data , only 3% of the CLAT aspirants end up getting into a NLUs

Pros of Studying in non-NLU Colleges

  1. International Visiting Faculties

    Many of the non-NLU colleges provides international visiting faculties to their students for better understanding. Best advocates and scholars of the country often visits these colleges. International advocates also visits these private colleges on regular basis which gives a lot of exposure to the non-NLU students
  2. Less pressure and stress on the students

    In comparison to the NLU students , the non-NLU students don't have that much pressure or stress on themselves. The pressure of projects and assignments are very less. Nowadays , attendance has become compulsory earlier the colleges wasn't strict regarding the attendance
  3. Infrastructure

    The facility of e-learning and latest technological techniques are provided by the private and non-NLU colleges. Audio � visual learning and air conditioned classroom are provided by these colleges. In these colleges students are given good exposure to interact with various people of the society to gain knowledge about various topics which will help them grow and improve their knowledge
  4. Experience NLUs faculty available

    In many of the private and non-NLU colleges there are experienced faculties available which are either NLU graduates or were previously teaching in NLUs. Such kind of faculties makes a private college much more better. Their presence in a college makes the students more enthusiastic and willing to form well in the academics

Cons of Studying from non-NLU Colleges

  1. College fees is too high

    The fees of the private or non-NLU colleges are way too high in comparison to the fees of NLUs. It seems to be very difficult for the lower class as well as middle class people to afford such high fees. Approximate fees of most of the private colleges may go up to five lakh per year
  2. Not much internships are provided by private colleges

    Private or non-NLU colleges do not provide much internship opportunities to their students , they have to find it on their own. But still there are some colleges which provides good internship opportunities and helps each and every student of their college to get an internship. It becomes difficult for many of the students to find an internship themselves
  3. Vast Curriculum

    There are so many events that are being organised in private colleges. Students are so much indulged in all these events that they are not able to focus on their studies which is one of the main reason due to which many of the private college students lacks behind from the NLU students. These students are indulged in different tasks at the same time due to which they are not able to focus on their studies

This article provides for the misconceptions which the law aspirants have before joining a law college. It provides for the benefits, and downsides of NLUs and non-NLUs and help in understanding the essential difference between both. By concluding it can be said that it's the people's mind that produces the difference , otherwise there are in and of itself no differences. It completely depends upon the student whether he/she wants to study or not.

The thing which matters is their hard work. It's the scholar who makes the difference as one can be from a NLU and still doesn't study and has no experience, whereas , one will be from a private college and still have excellent knowledge and skills which can help him/her in competing and surpassing over a NLU student.

Written By: Harshit Khandelwal, A 3rd Semester BBA.LL.B. student of Unitedworld School of Law , Karnavati University.

About The Article:
In this article, the author discusses various differences between NLU and non-NLU and tries to clarify the doubts which just about every law aspirant faces before choosing a college.

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