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Why Personal liberty is danger in Aligarh Muslim University

Ones time again after the Jinah and reservation issue. Aligarh Muslim University is again in controversy because of the issue the rules and regulations on the dressing matter According to rules of Aligarh Muslim University Wearing the black Sherwani is mandatory in official function In clears words if I don't want like to wear Sherwani than I can not attend function in Aligarh Muslim University it is not any doubt that such type of rules are inspire from the feelings of Wahabi and bigots ideology and Aligarh Muslim University is considered as the safe place for fundamentalist, anti women , and Wahabi ideology which is mostly found in the Saudi Arabia and it is not first time that Aligarh Muslim University issue a such type of guidance if we look over the history than we will find that in 2012, Aligarh Muslim University banned onwearing a a jeans and t shirt for girls but after the media trail Amu administration withdraw their decision. And according to hostel rules of girls women can not go outside their room without Carrying the dupatta and during the time of function, women can not perform a dance, while there is no such type of restriction on boys and if we will check the validity of these rules in the light of constitution and international law than we will find that there are following rights of women are being violated.

Article 14:- This Article states that equality before law and equal protection of law it means that All are equal in the eye of law and law should be treated all person as a equal this article applies to both citizen and non citizen And Discriminatory type of rules against the women Contrary the Article 14 of Indian Constitution

Rules and regulations against the women are violate the other fundamental right of women which is Article 15(1) , Article 15 (3) ,Article 21 which says that there shall be no discrimination , while Article 15 (3) there can be no against the women and Right to wear a clothes according to its own choice is a part of personal liberty which is stated in Article 21 and according to Article 51A (e) it is the duty of every citizen to oppose those tradition which denounce the dignity of the women.

In the conclusion I would likely to says that In modern era , such type of rule and regulation can not be tolerated and supreme Court is the custodian guardian of fundamental right and Right to live with personal choice is a personal right of every individual . and Anyone have not right to enforce your ideology on another which is happening in Aligarh Muslim University.

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