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Hindi As A Global Language

The language i.e.
  1. known and spoken internationally and
  2. depicted by its native and second language speakers and
  3. also by its geographical distribution and
  4. use in diplomatic relations and worldwide organizations is known as global language.
Hindi is written in a script named Devanagari[i] and the third-most spoken language[ii] in the world after Mandarin, and English. It is the member of indo-Aryan group of the Indo- Europeam language family. It is greatly influenced by Sanskrit and many of English language words have been borrowed from Sanskrit like Avatar, Jungle, Guru, Panther,etc.[iii]

Reasons Why a Global Language is Considered as Global Language? [iv]
  1. Language belongs to Economic and Militarily strong country:
    (speakers could easily spread their language worldwide and drove its rise to global language status)
  2. Number of speakers using it as their native and second language.
    English took centuries to become a global language. English became a global language because of the British imperial and industrial power between 17th and 20th century. It is the economic and military influence of the British people not the merits of the English language that made it a global language.

Will Hindi be a global language in future:
Perspective Under Indian Scenario:
The government of India has 2 Official languages i.e Hindi in Devanagari script and English in Roman[v]. It is one of the 22nd scheduled language of the Republic of India.
Hindi as to become a global language needs to make a start in India first as many states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Kerala puts their regional language first, not Hindi. It is the responsibility of the Union to promote and develop the spread of Hindi language (Article 351 of the Indian Constitution)[1]. In spite of the efforts of Central Government, Hindi is not a truly all India language.

More over India needs to have a Great global power both economically as well as militarily. Even becoming a global power there is no surety that Hindi will then be a global language as USSR has great global power for decades but Russian language does not have any importance outside Russia.

International Scenario:
Hindi is the official language of India and Fiji[2] and is widely spoken in Nepal, Mauritius and Guyana, USA, South Africa, Uganda, Bangladesh, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Canada, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Germany, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sint Maarten, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Yemen, Zambia.

Though Hindi is spoken by a large number of people than too it is unable to beat English and Mandarin Chinese. In terms of Geographical Spread, Spanish and Arabic is spoken in more countries. Also India is not strong economically and militarily as Russia and China are.

In 2007, when India demanded for the first time for inclusion of Hindi as UN official language, it was opposed by stating that Hindi is not even national language of India.
NEPAL- Hindi is spoken as a first language by 77,569 people(2011Nepal Census) and by 1,225,950 people as a second language[3].

FIJI- In Constitution of Fiji, 2013, Hindustani is known with the name of Hindi and it became the official language of Country. It is spoken by almost 380,000 people over their.

Summary Of Leading Cases
Suresh Kachhadiya vs. Union of India[4]
The Gujarat HC held that Hindi is not a National language of India. The petitioner asked court to issue mandamus writ to Center and State Government for making Hindi compulsory to print details of goods like price, date of manufacturing, ingredients, etc. The court said that Hindi is the official language of India but it is not the National language of the Country and Hence, it’s the manufactures right whether to use Hindi language or not in the products[vi].

Hindi can become a global language but for that it has to defeat Mandarin Chinese and English which requires a lot of time and efforts.

India is a multicultural nation and a land of many languages. Promotion of Hindi language at international level in such a democratic country is unacceptable or considered as unfair for all other languages. The southern states already have their views that government and constitution does not do enough to promote their regional language as it is provided in the Constitution that if the member of a parliament speaks in his regional language then it will be translated either in English or in Hindi not in any other language.

Thus promoting country’s culture and language is a good move but it should not cost more than it deserves. We know that language plays a very important role in the socio- cultural life of people as it is the only medium by which we communicate, explain our thoughts and identify ourselves.

Therefore, if India wants Hindi to be a global language it should starts from within and begin with events that help it to grow and rise all over world. It can only possible if Hindi centers, universities, NGOs and all Hindi speakers join their hands to increase the level of Hindi. Also Hindi cinema and Bollywood can help Hindi to get promoted throughout the Globe.

  4. 2010 SCC OnLine Guj 187


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