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Diluted Feminism In Name Of Modernism

The most courageous act is to think for yourself aloud - Coco Chanel

Today modern age feminism is given shape of its own meaning where it sounds anti-men and also against this patriarchal system. Feminism is molded and crafted in all manner that women herself remains against her rights and growth.

Feminism in dictionary clearly states about the�advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Our society where we deprive women of her rights and educational opportunities in present scenario in the same nation, we have women's who have come ahead and conquered their rights over all barriers in post-colonial period too.

The beginning of feminism in India began from Kamini Roy who was first graduate in 1886, where Savitribai Phule along with her husband Jyoti Rao Phule led the pillars of girl's education and school for girls back in 18th�centuries. It was Raja Ram Mohan Roy who fought for abolishment of child marriage and sati practice in India. Back in centuries there have several women's who took part in our freedom struggle like Sarojini Naidu, Annie Besant, Matangini Hazare, Kanaklata Barua, Aruna Asaf Ali and many more. Before independence women's spoke and supported feminism and took the movement ahead along with the western societies.

Feminism is existing since past 200 years it is not the modern concept it is just that women's in our society have slowly and gradually accepted the concept and started living accordingly. Feminism does not talk about anti-men as it is quoted neither it talks about breaking down the cultural and patriarchal system of society.

Feminism is construed to the most ambiguous term in its own nature where male dominating society has created fiction in name of feminism where it is meant to be anti-men, partying whole night, wearing short skirts, not doing any sort of domestic work, not respecting and taking care of their elders. This kind of feminism is constructed not only as barrier but a great obstacle in path of women's growth.

It won't be wrong to say that weak man is scared of confident women. Our male dominating timid society feels insecure where women fearlessly roars and does her best which is proved by every generation and every decade with much better results where we Malala Yousafzai who is fighting for girl education, PV Sindhu whose become world champion, Kalpana Chawla to be first Indian to go on space and many more.

But the struggle continues where we are still making efforts to educate women's on ground level and make them understand education is not about going against their family neither accepting violence is her sacred duty rather education and equal opportunity in her household which in modern world we term as SHARE HOUSEHOLD is her right. Feminism is about dignity, liberty and right to be protected against violence.

As rightly quoted by Oprah Winfrey,�Excellence is best deterrent to racism and sexism�similarly excellence of women to live with dignity is not threat to men's life but an addition to his own dignity in society.

Feminism is diluted in name of modernism where clothes define women and her working hours matters for society, but same women feeding her family is not acceptable; not doing domestic work is considered rebel against family but never treated as human being who also gets tired and not a robot who provides 24/7 service in name of sacred wow; where her consent after marriage doesn't come in question but her salary does come in picture; where women at 30 unmarried is seen as burden on society but her caliber is not appreciated; where her weight is society's concern but obesity and PCOS doesn't come in picture; her dark complexion is curse but gold medal and prizes are family status and many more. In name of modernism struggle over 200 years for feminism is diluted under illusion of patriarchal definition of feminism which means only ANTI-MEN.

This never-ending struggle of women for equality and dignity is going to exist in long run where insecurities of one gender is going to create obstacle for another. But the purpose of these article is for abridging the gap of inferiority and superiority between the two genders and bring at par equality in all terms of livelihood with dignity.

Written By: Bharti Bhogesara

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