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Ageism At Workplace

In this ostentatious world of literate people, jurist, philosopher with certain human rights and fundamental rights there is harsh reality which is ageism at workplace. While society is busy on focusing on gender equality, Harassment, nationality, racism somewhere ageism at workplace is left out.

From where ageism defined
The term ageism was defined in 1868 by Robert butler as systematic stereotyping and discrimination against older people because they are old in much the same way as racism and sexism are response to skin color and gender. It is when a person is discriminated for his age and treated unfairly. It is not restricted to old people ageism may affect young and inexperienced people.

How does ageism look like
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. The same thing applies to ageism at workplace where in reality the it is clear that it is possible for age discrimination to go unnoticed.


  • Imagine a situations where a 56 years old employment have less knowledge about the technology and he was asked to resign as company wants a young employee with more technological skill and knowledge.
  • There can also be a situation where a 25 years old young boy is too young to argue on a criminal matter or to cross examine.

Consequences faced by victim of ageism:

  • They may loose confidence.
  • They may loose their job.
  • They may feel insecure.
  • They may not get bonus.
  • They may not get insurance policy
  • They may be refused to get membership in any association.
  • They may be treated unfairly as they raised their voice against ageism a.
  • They may feel left out in many activities.
  • They may feel overburden in comparison to other employees.
  • They may feel demotivated and loose interest in their job.

Circumstances where ageism can be justified

  • Minor who wants to be part of a contract.
  • Any employee of unsound mind.

Let's think of a situation where a person below 18 (minor) wants to come into contract or a person of 62 years where he is not mentally fit to perform his job can be victim of ageism but here ageism is justified and reasonable because minor can't come into contract. Ageism can be legal but with proper reasons and justification.

Law against ageism in India

In India there is no statutory body which deals with the matter of age discrimination as law against age discrimination is not codified. But this is not yet the end. There are certain steps to solve the problem of ageism at workplace.

We must always take ide. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. ilence encourage the tormentor, never the tormented. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.- Elie Wiesel

  • peak up - Don't let anyone lower your voice. A victim must speak about his suffering to the concerned authorities and find some solution to resolve.

    Example- In case of company, employee may speak about his problem to HR or manager about his suffering.
  • Positivist- Don't let anyone lower your confidence. Attitude plays an important role in life where being positive may lead to recover from ageism at workplace.
  • Know your right - As there is no statutory body which deals with the matter of age discrimination but there are certain right provided by constitution like right to equality, any other right given by company to prevent ageism.
  • Be updated- employee must keep himself up to date as per the technical demand. Must take advantage of training opportunities for employees.
  • Interact with young employee- interacting with young employee will open door to learn new thing as multigenerational workings environment is very effective and efficient.

Indian parliament should come with certain laws which deals with ageism at workplace or age discrimination. somewhere ageism is left out but it is a crime against the dignity and respect of a person which is very tough to face and the victim may loose confidence and may feel insulted which can have many consequences like suicide, being alone, fear to interact with other people, insecurity, feel demoralized and many more.

Indian government can make a law against ageism or they can make some amendment in section 499 of Indian penal code which deals with the offence of defamation, can also amend a law in torts which deals with defamation. Many other countries take this crime seriously like U.s , they have age discrimination in employment act of 1967 is a labor law which prevents employment discrimination against people who are 40 years of age in United states.

Written By: Abhinav Kumar

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