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Legal Rights Related To Traffic Police

  1. If on the road traffic police demands you to show the papers by stopping you then you can clearly refuse. Not only this, you can complain about that from senior authority. According to traffic law, A SI or the higher rank of officer has only right to demand your papers.
  2. Any of the traffic police has not the right to arrest you or to confiscate your vehicle.  Rather he cannot demand pollution under control papers (PSU) because this right is of  only of RTO officials. If you infringe any traffic law then the constable has not any right  to snatch key from your vehicle.
  3. After infringing the traffic law only Sub-Inspector (one star), Sub-Inspector (two-star)  and police inspector (three-star) can collect penalty from you. (The Indian Motor - Vehicle Act, Section 132)
  4. If police amid breaking the signal, amid more than two peoples were sitting on vehicle,  load passengers amid in load carrier, driving vehicle amid taking liquor or the state of  being intoxicated, during taking with mobile and driving vehicle on high speed catches  you then at this situation traffic police has right to confiscate your license.
  5. If you are caught infringing the traffic law then a fine is imposed on you. But more the  100rs to impose on you is only the right of A SI or SI. Head constable cannot impose  more than 100rs on you and constable has not any right to impose fine on you.
  6. If any traffic police cuts your challan without wearing dress then he has not any right to  do that. One thing you should know that Constable to SI wears white color of dress, and  traffic inspector and higher rank of officer wears khaki dress.
  7. After leaving your home your registration certificate (RC), insurance certificate and  pollution under-control certificate (PSU) and your driving license should always keep  with yourself. One thing you should know that amid checking driving license and PSU  should be original or in digi locker, while registration certificate and insurance certificate  xerox copy will also work.
  8. If you have done surgery up from the neck means ear or any other place or you from the community of Sikh of wearing turban then it is not mandatory for you to wear a helmet.

How traffic police collects many types of challan?

Traffic police can collect three types of challan from you.

  1. One the spot challan: If you are caught while stealing then immediately penalty is  collected from you by cutting the challan. If you by any cause not able to pay penalty  immediately then police keeps your driving license and gives you challan and afterwards  paying your penalty your deriving license is returned.
  2. Notice Challan: If you runs away by breaking any traffic law then at that situation  police notes down your vehicle number and sends the challan at the house of the owner  of the vehicle. For which one month is given to pay your challan and if you do not pay  that challan then it is send to the court.
  3. Challan of the Court: This challan is mostly imposed on breaking the traffic laws. In  this challan there is also the provision of punishment with penalty. For example - if you are  caught driving your vehicle having intoxicated then in that situation challan will be made on the  spot but you have go to the court to pay the penalty.

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