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Kinds Of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking

Evolution of human trafficking:

In ancient times there was a prevalent practice called bonded labours or slavery. It has existed during king period where some people agreed to it and some opposed it. But during British period were slavery is opposed by all the people in the Indian context. In modern times it is considered as human trafficking.

In the 20th century this kind of process happens through online because of the advancement in technology both in usage and in education. In earlier times it happened through humans for money or may be under fear. Along with that the people consented to be a bonded labour or slaves under the higher heads. In our present generation it happens without the consent of the people who is considered to be victims.

Human trafficking meaning:

It involves transferring or transporting people from one country to another either with their consent or without their consent. It may be done by the use of force, coercion or undue influence or threatening them. It is for the purpose of sexual exploitation or bonded labour. The person doing this process are known as traffickers.

Types involved in human trafficking:

To our basic knowledge trafficking involves sexual trafficking and bonded labours or slavery. Due to the advancement in technology it may be further classified as follows:
  • Sexual exploitation: The victims are mainly women. In this process women are forced to involve in sexual activities. It may occur in prostitution sites and brothel centres.
  • Labour exploitation: It involves the persons to work as bonded labours or slaves by the way of forcing them or awarding punishments for not working and force them to work for little remuneration or payment in order to reduce their debts. For that purpose, they may enter into the contracts with their consent. The person will work within the employer home for long periods with certain restrictions for limited pay. The people may force to do a sexual favour through force or by the way of threatening by the employers of the home.
  • Forced marriage: This kind of marriage has occurred during king periods to gain some country in order to expand his kingdom. It can be viewed in recent times to enter into some person country. It may happen by sexual and psychological stress along with the physical violence.
  • criminal activities: The coercion is considered to be a main thing to cause these kinds of activities. Making the person to involve in cultivation of illegal products like cocaine and some other related drugs. The personal information of any person is available to anybody other than the original users which help them to do credit card theft or ATM theft. It results in hacking of one's personal data without their knowledge from the internet. It forced them to be the victims and make them to commit crimes.
  • Children as victims: Here it includes both gender male and female. They are forced to works as bonded slaves under military camps in kitchen work and in some other violent or illegal activity. The female children are forced to have sexual exploitation without considering their age. The children are between the age group of 10 to 18 years who are considered to be minors.
  • Organ trafficking: The persons will transport the organs of the victims to another place for money.

    The victim here involves both gender and without any difference in their ages. It includes person ranging from small child to old person and even dead persons too. It may happen with or without their consent. If it happens with consent and the victim is doing this for the purpose of money he may be cheated and is known as organ trading. If the person is kidnapped or taken away from his own place without their knowledge it is called as extortion. In some hospitals they will make the person to falsely believe that they have some disease and will assure that they will cure for the purpose of exporting or to earn more. Some times the organs of dead person too will be transported without their family consent.
  • Skin trafficking: This process is similar to organ trafficking but with the slight difference it is for the skin. The victim skin is peeled and sold for higher amount when there is huge demand. It also includes victims from all age groups and genders.

Online trafficking:

It is the advanced form of sex trafficking or exploitation in the 21st century. The main victims are women. The advertisements are made on the websites used by the people and it will automatically provoke the users. These kinds of advertisements are made normally in all websites but it has its origin in the dark web or deep web.

With curiosity without their knowledge they will share all their personal information. The traffickers with the help of them will threaten the persons to do work or force them to have sexual intercourse. Some people without any other option in order to lead their life will they themselves become as victims for smaller amount. It is punished through the amended IT Act 2000.
Punishments under IPC:

Section 370 to section 374 of Indian Penal Code discusses the above said trafficking with appropriate punishments are made respectively while drafting the code and section has been properly amended based on the situations and punished accordingly.

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