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Women Safety: More talked than enacted

Feminism is a radical idea that women's safety is more important than men's feelings.
  • WOMEN', it is not just a word, it's a universe in itself only.
  • It includes a lot of Personalities. She can be a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Friend, but why can't a Women be just a Women? Why she always needs a relation to represent herself?
  • In the Country of Sati, Seeta, Savitri, Draupadi and many more women of the remarkable personality, the position of women is not that much good which was expected.
  • The power of women cannot be underrated. The proof of this has been the history in itself.
    It has been said earlier that there is nothing more dangerous than the women spurned.
  • Nobody even knows the story of The Ramayana, if the Goddess Sita had not been abducted. The great war of Mahabharata may not have been started, if the modesty of Draupadi was not outraged before all.
  • So, the history in itself is a proof that what a women was capable of.

Modern scenario
  • The women have been an unbreakable part of the society from the very historic period and the position of women is becoming better and better in every aspect of life.
  • But, from a very long time there has been a myth which is created in the society that men are always important and better than women.
  • It can be because of the orthodox culture which was stuck from a very long time in India. But, moreover is can be said as the accreditation of the human beings that the sons are the keys to put the generation forward.
  • Now, coming back to the point, the government of India has taken and is continuously taking a lot of steps to increase as well as insure the safety of women in India.
  • But, the efforts can never be successful unless the people of the country won't think about it by themselves.
  • A Study was released by a media company named ‘Thomson Reuters Foundation' in the year 2018, which declared - India as the most Dangerous Country for Women in the World.
  • Isn't it shocking? A Country of around 1.25 billion people, in which 48.04% (approx.) are the females only, have to face such a frightening situation.
  • According to the reports of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the Crime rate against women has been increased by around 5% from the last year.
  • Even the Legal system of India is said to be the world's best legal system, but when it comes to the matter of women safety, somewhere it also fails. Isn't it a matter of concern?
  • The agenda of women safety is not concerned only about a particular age i.e. it's not like, the safety of only those women, which are of a working class or which generally decide to step into the outer world instead of sitting at home, is threatened.
  • Now, it has been an issue of every single age, whether it may be a girl of 5 year or a baby of 6 months or a lady of 30 years or an old sick women; none is safe.
  • The country has seen cases of girl being raped of 20 years also and a baby getting raped of 6 months also. So, it's not an age issue anymore.
  • According to data of N.C.R.B.(2018), the percentage of charge sheet filed in the rape cases are 85.3% (approx.), out of which conviction rate is only 27.2% (approx.).
  • The same data reports, that in every 15 minutes there is 1 rape reported in India.
  • In many cases, it becomes a prestige issue of the so called- Men Community,
That how can a girl do this?
How can a girl do that?
No, she is not supposed to do this.
She is not meant for these things.
  • Women are seen as victims not only in rape cases but also in molestation, dowry and in many more cases.
  • Recently, a case came into the limelight, where a lady I.A.S. officer resigned due to the problem of Harassment which she faced at workplace by certain senior officers.

Political Aspect
  • The Country has seen many of the Iconic females in the field of Politics too.
  • Women have proved that whether it is about running a home or running a country, they are adept at both.
  • But, there too the violence hasn't decreased. Violence against the women in Politics can be said because of the prevalent Patriarchy rule in the society.
  • It can be said as a hurdle that whenever anything happens in the country, parties try manipulating the facts and putting those facts in such a way that it starts dividing the community instead of uniting it against such offences and offenders.
  • There are many cases seen in which, after anything happens to the women (say, a case of rape comes into limelight), many big leaders of political parties are seen putting such comments on Social media or on television that ruins that girl's status even more badly.

Legal Perspective
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar called the Constitution as ‘A Living document'. Which means it shall evolve with the passage and the requirements of time.
  • So, the legislation has been very active towards the changing needs of the society, especially for the women in the country.
  • Many examples has been seen, the latest are- ‘Triple Talaq Act (in particular Talaq-ul-biddat) or declaration of sec. 497 Indian Penal Code as unconstitutional.
  • But the problem here a women faces is that, to get justice she has to wait for a very long period because of the judicial process which is so time taking.
  • Because of which the conviction rate of the offenders is so low in comparison with the charge sheet filed.
  • As an example, in the ‘Nirbhaya Gang-rape case the offenders got the black warrant in the year 2012 only, but were executed in 2020.
  • This shows that how slow the judicial system of the country is.

  • Now, the extract of the whole story is to make you (the reader) understand and think what actually the position of women in the society is.
  • As the title in itself says that the peoples are only talking, instead of enacting on the situation.
  • In today's world, where every person is busy dealing with his own world and his personal difficulties. The maximum a person can give anyone to his time is social Media.
  • So, the Social media community has immensely spread over the country, which can be used to tackle the problem of Women safety.
  • The best example of this was #Me-too movement, which came into limelight in India when the famous Indian actress Tanushree Dutta accused the Actor Nana patekar for Sexual harassment. Thereafter, it became very famous and was largely used by the females for expressing their mental distress.
  • Today, it's not about what everyone should do, but now it's about what everyone must do. Because, now it is such a widespread problem that it might not today but it may happen with any of ours family members also.

Measures that can be taken are:
  • Moral education- It's not about the education a child receives from the school or college, but it's about the moral education which he doesn't get from the Family members. These are the lessons which can only be taught by the family members and not by anyone else.
  • Environment-There is a study made in the field of psychology which states that ‘A person is average of his/her 5 friends'; It means environment in which a person lives effects the most in building its personality.
So, to ensure women safety, the society needs to create a healthy living area for the male ones first and it is the duty of the family members to give their sons a healthy environment so that their girls can feel secure too.

Certain changes and Insertions the Law needs are:
  • Immoral Traffic (prevention) Act,1956- The Punishment which is provided for keeping a brothel is too less in comparison with the seriousness of the offence which is committed by that particular person.

    The punishment could be in fraction, like instead of direct punishment of rigorous imprisonment of 1-3 years, it can be in first part of min. 2 years rigorous imprisonment and in the other part of 4 years simple imprisonment.
  • Indian Penal Code, 1860- There should be certain section which needs to be inserted for the teenage girls, as they too face bullying and molestation in the school and college by the boys of young age.
Because on the one hand the girls are facing the boys in college and school and on the other they face their parent with whom they can't even share about the sufferings they are going through. In the end, this is what makes them so nervous inside that many of them commit suicide. Written By Aman Soni

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