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Court Proceeding Taken and Exchanges Of Highly Sensitive Information On Video Or Audio Conferencing Through With The Help Of Zoom

Court Proceeding Taken and Exchanges Of Highly Sensitive Information On Video Or Audio Conferencing Through With The Help Of Zoom Cloud Meeting: A Sign Of Massive Cyber Attack

A wider perspective mirror of recent situations of virus has been spread out world wide at large which results collapsed the work system of all over countries.

That's why.. ! The reason of stop all possible physical work and it is long as to be stopped by the government for quarantine & lockdown purpose . And , The working system & policy of work of court should be changed as per situation of virus rises. The court judges, lawyers & department officials have been working through online of video or audio conferencing through the medium of zoom cloud meeting because all possible work should be stopped at outmost level of hierarchy.

In recent days , Courts have much pressure & burden of previous or future lots of litigations such as civil & criminal in nature. To resolving the litigations court changes working style partially independent through online proceedings. Courts do work through video & audio conferencing to observed the litigations & find out conclusion. Court & official departments shares highly sensitive information through online basis with the help of zoom cloud meeting.

For the aspects of advancement of technology it is better but not to safe for working of official & court digital information.

In this audio & video conferencing there may be highly possibilities to shares & exchanges of digital and electronic information of data through online medium which ia absolutely not in safest zone.

Now a days , A big challenge to stop the monster of cyber attackers stole the highly sensitive digital & electronic information. Cyber attackers also merged with the term Cyber Hackers. They easily fool you digitally & electronically to stole all over data of information. All the communities of cyber attacker spread at large all over world and act of stealing of electronic data then misuses of such data for demanding ransomed & blackmailing. The cyber attackers are very dangerous because they are never caught red handed.

Court proceeding includes all type of electronic portals which stored digital & electronic information which exchanges through medium of video or audio conferencing & online way.

A cyber attacker or hacker also known as con man of computer world. But the method of stealing data of information is digitally which also know as hacking of server & hacking of portals of computers. Without knowing you they deleted official data. There is a high risk of doing video or audio conferencing through medium of zoom cloud meeting which results to enforce to committed the cyber crime by the cyber attackers.

Heavy loss of information & data of stealing is high probabilities. Also , Courts evidence is stored in digital and electronic form. There is possibilities of cyber attacker also hacked the current video and audio clip during the session of conferencing. Also attacked on stored data & vidro clips of court trial. The trial of court is not safe electronically because cyber attackers even don't care about where are you from?

The evidence which stole by the cyber attackers are misuse to do acquittal of any accused. So, how it is dangerous..! To run video and audio conferencing by the court through zoom cloud meeting.

Technically speaking that, There is no safe zone for doing video and audio conferencing through such medium of zoom cloud meeting because of online medium is not actually the safest one.

This article is not blaming to zoom cloud meeting but it is obviously blaming online way of conferencing medium which is highly in risk zone and chances of stealing data, evidence, facts, the cyber attackers also known as cyber hackers.

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