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Impact of Covid19 on legal Education

Very recently on April 29 from 5 pm to 6.30 pm I attended an webinar through zoom conducted by from Zoom.
This was to contemplate a common factor these days which Lasting impact of Covid 19 on the future of Legal Education in India.
The factors were discussed like:
  1. Impact in the day to day life of the individuals like students)teachers/Lawyers/Business man/Labour's and workers.
  2. Created Social Distance
  3. It has codified new norms of Legal Education in India.
  4. Impact in the Education centres, Hubs, Research houses, Market, Courts, Colleges, Universities.
  5. Created a virtual platform A virtual voice and a virtual world.
There are incidental impacts which were focused and discussed in the webinar.They have elaborated while giving sessions pointing out the kith and kin of all verticals.As we all know definitely Covid19 had put a strong impact  not only to the individuals or a market or a zone but almost to every countries in the world going through more or less.

According to the Academician and subject matter expert participated these are the phases took place following Covid19 merits and demerits:
  1. There will be challenges maintaining admissions.
  2. Data Consideration
  3. Interms if competency and effectiveness.
  4. Interms of Technological competency merely E-Courts, Lawyers, knows about the skilled technology used.
  5. Online delivery of reports, results, certification, Registration, Court matters,Classes, Admissions.
  6. Online internship Opportunities
  7. Moot court exercises online.
  8. Empathy creation and effective learning.

Moreover, the impact on future have also been forecasted of which these are:
  1. Online Delivery structure
  2. Distance learning
  3. Research Dimensions.

In this session there was a stroke for me eventually knowing about the fact of categorisation of Law schools:
  1. Highly Funded Law Schools
  2. Non-Funded Law Schools

With the impact of Covid19 according to the views and opinion made for highly funded law schools will not face the adverse effects of:
  1. Will not hamper with Covid 19
  2. The Dynamics will be easier for highly funded law Schools.
  3. As the highly funded law Schools welcome the autonomous bright ideas of the students will be preferable.
Let's discuss the happenings of Law Schools which are non funded and are not enrolled with National Law Schools:
  1. Challenges are to be faced with the through process of Education system.
  2. This is where the Technology is not a life line for the general law schools except National law schools.
  3. Complications with the online modulation.
  4. Incomplete lessons delivery with on line Technology which will be a barrier for most of rural areas students.
Apparently, there are possibilities of the other sides which were also been discussed which can be for the nation.

The possibilities could be:
  • Possibility of Recession due to lockdown.
  • Possibility of partnership with multi displinary candidates and law.
  • It will promote Research for the law schools, students and the faculties.
  • Radical Reformation
  • Beyond Socrates Process.
  • Improve oral and written Advocacy skills.

So, these are the key features discussed by the legal experts. Dean of the college's were present during the circumstances.

I want to set up a practical example of my Law School and the impact on my law school-- As I study in a so called "Non -funded law School but the guidance were nevertheless less than that of funded law school. Specially when it comes to the Principal of our college Kamal sir, who is the inspiration of thousands and many.

In my entire life I have never come across principal like him. He is the path maker if almost for most of the students of our college. All though not National and non funded but Magistrates and honourable judges step out from the prestigious "law college of Dhanbad".It was not only constituted in the notice to provide legal education but also keep a shape in the career of other hopeless candidates.

The other faculty of law college treat the students as their legal guardian and try to shape up their career by giving effective and proper instructions despite of funds and grades. A hope to achieve legal education making a strong bridge between Law and other behavior Al Advocacy skills were taught in the Law college Dhanbad.

Besides, Social platform given l to share thoughts facts and figure is always amazing and delightful help to set a practical example of life but not only for the word of mouth.

According to my point of view funded and non funded sometimes can not count searching real talents. No doubt proper guidance or encouragement leads to the path of professionalism but when one is profound with knowledge, Perseverance, hard work no matter whatever school or college you come from you are recognized by your talent in the society nation and Globe.  

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