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Get Certificate Attestation for Visa Avoiding These Mistakes

Is your visa application rejected?
Be it the USA, UAE or UK, you must have the contextual visa. What makes sense to the word ‘Contextual' is that you should have a travel visa if you're visiting abroad with as a tourist; you would require a student visa, if you likely to pursue your dream of achieving higher education. It should purely coincide with your purpose.

But, it seems as if you're fighting to get it. You have to sit with the visa officials while facing off face to face round. Satisfying them is the biggest challenge. What they ask and what they seek-you should premeditate those things. Otherwise, they reject to attest your certificates in India.

What is attestation?
How you can check the originality of any document-It was a big question mark for any government. To avoid every friction, every country has set an authority to look into the foreign affairs and immigration. It holds right to attest that itself is an authentication of an individual's documents/certificates. Without attestation of certificates, you can't think of getting a visa or a passport.

What mistakes do you generally do while filing for a visa?
Let's consider the points on which they might dissatisfy and disagree to sign your visa. You can avoid those mistakes while filing petition for the visa. So, have a look over them:

1. Ignore checklist of the documents: If you underestimate the checklist of the document, it proves a height of the blunder. While filing for visa application, taking advice from experts would be a blockbuster idea. It mainly consists of a scanned copy of your passport, birth certificate, appointment letter of the foreign employer, return ticket (in a few cases) and so on. Therefore, you should think about it before your application submission.

2. Holding a residence visa of previous visit: If you have been once abroad on your work visa, you must cancel your residence visa. It's compulsory to do so prior to leaving the foreign country. Its approval comes from the PRO of that company. You should contact him. He will visit the immigration department and clear your previous visa issues.

3. Upgrade your passport: Since the digitization has come in, most of the immigration authorities, like of UAE, accepts digital entries on the passport. If you've an old passport wherein the entries are handwritten, upgrade it immediately.

4. Criminal background disclosure: It's a norm today. Almost every European and Asian country asks for a police clearance certificate. You have to get it attested from the regional police department head. The competent authority attests this certificate after verification. If it finds anything suspicious, like criminal offence, murder, conviction for the crime, the visa application won't be attested.

The immigration authority of the UAE government has made a ‘good conduct certificate' compulsory for putting a stamp on your visa application.

5. Not cancelling previous travel visa: Sometimes, urgency or mishap compels you cancel your foreign trip. And, you forget canceling your previous travel visa. It's mandatory in a few cases, like visiting UAE, to do so. Otherwise, you won't get attestation on your certificate. In all, you must take a sneak peek into your previous travel visa. If it's not canceled, ask the PRO of the travel agency. He would visit the MEA or visa authority to cancel it.

6. Typing error: It seems a trivial issue. But, a mistake in your name, address or anywhere in your certificates can become a reason of delay in getting visa. You should check and tally every detail in your all certificates and documents before.

7. Blurred photograph: It's a strict guideline to paste a clear photograph of the visa applicant. In case, it's the reverse, the embassy officials cancel your visa application. So, make sure it should be clear.
Types of Attestation for Certificates in India:
It's a hierarchy. You should follow its each part to get your documents signed.
• Home department (of State Government)
• Human Resource Department or HRD(fordocuments attestation of educational certificates/degrees)
• MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
• Embassy

How much time does it take to attest from each type?
• 1 day, if you get your documents/affidavit notarized
• HRD puts its stamp on the very same day on all your documents.
• You will have to wait for 2 days to get your documents signed from the MEA.
• The embassy of the foreign country, like UAE or UK, will take at least 4 to 5 days for counter attesting the same documents. It will be needed only if you're going on a work visa. You should have an offer letter to get attested.

In all, you have to wait for a fortnight to a month while getting all documents attested.

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