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Article 370: The root Reason of Kashmir problem

Now days after the imposing of governor rule in Jammu  and Kashmir, The issue of Article 370 is again in controversy  I am totally in favour of the abolishment of  Article 370 
 Article 370 covers under the part  21 of Indian Constitution which gives the   provision of special status  to the Jammu and Kashmir 
 Main feature of Article 370 :- 
 (1) Indian Parliament can not make any law without the consent of state Assembly 
 (2) Jammu Kashmir has its own flag and constitution 
 (3) President rule can not be proclaimed in  that state Only Governor rule can be. Imposed 
 (4) Jammu Kashmir has its own  Criminal code which name is Ranbir penal  code  
 Jammu Kashmir is not only such state those have a status of special state   . There are many state like Nagaland ,  Assom  , Manipur, Arunachal  pradesh etc but in those  state . There is no such type of provision who separate them from  India  .  Such type of special provision is totally against the unity and integrity  of India which is already mentioned in Indian preamble and in the year 1994  This resolution  have been passed by Indian Parliament that Kashmir is a integral part of India.
 If Jammu Kashmir is a part of India than why Kashmir have its own constitution 
 and this rumour has been spreading by the anti nationalist forces that Article 370 is a basic structure of our constitution  but it is absolutely false Article 370 is a  temporary provision 
 In Conclusion I would likely to says that special  status of Jammu and Kashmir should be  abolished.
 And Clause  3 of Article 370 makes it clear that Article 370 can be revoked if a new constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir is convened and willing to recommend its  revocation  

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