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Do Not Treat Registry

An adequate provision instilled in the airlines, i.e. Do Not Fly Registry that penalizes passengers who found misbehaving with the crew member. Therefore, by seeing the violence against doctors a new provision Do Not Treat Registry in light of the above-mentioned provisions ought to be imbibed in the health care strata wherein the doctors being vigilant by monitoring the common symptoms to fight back the epidemic. The health care department is taking measures to safeguard their health and protection. Whereby, to reduce such violence which is happening against doctors, there should be some laws which can safeguard their rights and their pride.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is an authoritative body, acting as a central registry that cancels the registration or the tickets in general, of boarding passengers if acquitted of creating any nuisance or misbehaving with the crew. Aren't the doctors who are an essential component and lifesaver of the society, deserve certain shielding against the ruthless exploitation ranging from threats and verbal abuse to assaults and even homicide Which may, in turn, uphold their flexibility at workspace?

Another Industry Where Do Not Fly Registry Can Be Implemented Is:

Over middle-class people who work as an employee in the offices – often we come across cases of exploitation of employees at work sectors wherein the higher officials at times unnecessarily nag their co-workers; thus the concept of the registry should be implemented to expect higher levels of output from the employees.

In the teaching field, over the teachers- In teaching profession there are scenarios where cases of homicides are reported against teachers by cynical guardians being overprotective towards there wards or students with evil temperament divulge into criminal activities of assaulting their teachers; thus the remedy of Registry ought to prevail in this sector to secure the lives of mentors.

The grain provider of the country often is made subject to exploitation by zamindars and money lenders who in the greed of earning profit exploit the gullible farmers thus the remedy of Registry ought to prevail in this sector to secure the lives of the farmers.

The already pre-existing policy of Do Not Fly Registry should be even more improved to reduce the Onboard assault cases that remain under-reported. The protection against people with malicious intentions should be provided.

The health care Centre incorporating doctor is the prima facia concern of this article. Thus the of Registry ought to prevail in this sector to secure the lives of mentors.

Lawyers and judges:
Judiciary being a sector which has authority to penalize the wrongdoers, but in the course of which often their lives are at the verge of Risk. Criminals, in order to escape from imprisonment frame the lawmakers. Hence the remedy of Registry ought to prevail in this sector to secure the lives of Judges.

Even in the film industry, actors and actresses are got criticized- The tensile world incorporating a number of grey zones include scenarios of exploitation of amateur actors who are passionate towards their career are divulged into these pathetic situations, whereby the remedy of Registry ought to prevail in this sector to secure the lives of actors.

Definitely holds merit in the health care sectors as the doctor's frantically working continuously in adverse conditions to cure and heal the victims, at this juncture heckling them and questioning their proficiency only acts an anti- catalyst. Thus, Do Not Treat Registry will fortify the doctors against the wrath of the relatives and society, adverse propaganda in media and lastly the consumer forums demanding huge compensation in the name of deficiency in services.

What will happen is an exodus of doctors to foreign lands as they deserve more sustainable and flexible working ambit that automatically lead to brain drain. This shall not be beneficial for the country. Thus it definitely holds merit to inculcate Do Not Fly Registry.

Viewing upon the pros and cons of the rights, on one aspect, it becomes a harbinger in the lives of medical practitioners who deserves to live a dignified life. Their actions are justified under the statutory authority bestowed to them.

The instance in corona outbreak, the doctors, taking in exhaustive measures to fight back the pandemic situations
were duly recognized by order of our Prime minister Narendra Modi on the day of Janta curfew, as responsible citizens, everybody was asked to applaud and pay tribute to their selfless service.

At the same time, another aspect can be implemented by flipping the coin, scenario changes, situations conspicuously vindicate aid, traumatized situation pile up.

doctors should keep a track record upon the common symptoms and arrange comprehensive kits with the surplus stock of medicines. Thus, if this right comes into force, then controlling power demolishes. Also, they should handle them with an iron hand; otherwise, common citizens shall go beyond their ambit criticizing the doctors.

looking upon its legal implementation, as the good wishers of patients infringe the basic human right of doctor's Right to life under Article 21[1] of the constitution of India. To a certain extent, this provision of a registry can be applicable.

Broadly classifying the people on the basis of misconduct towards the doctors are:
  • The people are causing destruction of hospitals because of their malafide intention of harming doctors.
  • Midst 2019, a case of homicide came against JR's of the hospital in Kolkata[2] who were brutally beaten up by the relatives can this act be justifiable?
  • This a boon for their selfless service?
  • The people are endangering the life of others.
  • Wherein cases are reported of gunning down of a doctor in Haryana'sJind[3].
  • Arsoning of a paediatrician's clinic in Punjab.
  • Government being deficient in providing adequate facilities and at the same time, pinning responsibilities upon doctors.
  • The ever-hungry media publishing unethical sensational reports against doctors fall under the contention of defamation wherein they can be sued as well.
  • Uncooperative landlords were forcefully fomenting doctors and nurses to evacuate who are serving in the pandemic.

the light of everything mentioned, this is not a good idea. There are no laws for the protection of the doctors and other medical community. There is no penalty for causing harm to the doctors in a white coat. Since there is no punishment for this violence against doctors, this encourages normal people to cause the other incident.

The doctors are more demolished by the Indian media by blaming them that they are a no more skilled person. In one of the cases in the Bihar, a news reporter entered the ICU to take the interview of the doctors and to show the condition of the hospital where doctors were treating the patients of encephalitis. This way to demolish the doctors is wrong. It created the ruckus in the ICU and criticized the doctors for their medical profession.

There should be some laws which can protect the rights and dignity of the doctors by which they can live free from the criticism. And the acts of violence in a hospital should be dealt with iron hand[4].


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