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Uniform civil code One Nation One law

After the shayra bano  case Uniform Civil code is again in controversy and it is also one of the major agenda  of NDA government. Till today  every religion has its own  personal laws for civil matter like marriage ,divorce inheritance,  succession , maintenance etc and each personal  laws is different from other personal laws  for instance polygamy is allowed in Islam but not in other Religion .

Besides this there is so many things which is allowed in one religion but not in other religion.

Uniform civil code is a  common code of unification of civil and criminal  matter irrespective to all religion . It is defined in Article 44 of Indian Constitution which says that The state shall endeavour to secure for the citizen a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India however  it can not  be implemented except the state of Goa.

In first time  it was raised in shah bano Case and  supreme Court directed central government for the implementation of uniform civil code after this it was demanded by  the supreme Court in Sarla mudgal v. Union of India and shamim  ara v. State of UP but misfortunately it can not be implemented even though after the 68 year of framing of Constitution  the main reason of ignorance of uniform civil code is minority vote bank politics.

In conclusion:
I would likely to says that Uniform civil code is not about Hindu rashtra.  Infact it is about social justice , gender justice unity and fraternity of the country and  The word  social justice and unity and fraternity of country  are already mentioned in our Preamble  and  Uniform civil code is implemented in most of the developed nation like  America, UK, France and others and Even though In our country, It is implemented in the state. of Goa which constitute of 68 % Christian and 28% Hindus population and if it is to be implemented than it should be a  strong  moment toward toward the secularism.

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