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How To Process Bridging Visa B Application Online

If there are instances that require you to travel outside Australia while you are waiting for your substantive visa to be approved then Bridging visa B comes into the picture as your savior. At the time this visa is granted to you then it will outplace your Bridging Visa A or any other and will have the same rights of work and study, however, it will allow you to travel outside the region for the specified period of time.

You are required to provide the information about your travel for example date and time in your bridging visa B application. Even there is some situation where bridging visa Australia comes with multiple entries which means that one can travel for more than on time outside the region holding this bridging visa. 

What Can Be Consequential Reason To Travel?

Make sure that you give the consequential reason for your traveling purpose. Those reasons should justify that you really need to make entry and exit from Australia while your visa is being processed. These reasons can be the uncertain death of any family member or any important business conference.

Right Time To Apply For Bridging Visa B

A topmost important thing to be considered that when we should apply for the bridging visa B. As while you apply for this visa to travel outside the region then department of home affairs needs to check the status of your substantive visa first because your presence is required in the country while the substantive visa is granted to you. Upon checking, the department clearly stated that your visa will not be granted until you return or will approve your visa instantly.

You need to lodge the application for bridging visa B no before long 3 months and lesser than 2 weeks before travel.

Apply Online via Bridging Visa B Application

The quickest and smooth way to apply for this bridging visa is Via ImmiAccount.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for online:

  1. You need to login to your ImmiAccount and you will be able yo see the application submitted for your substantive visa on the My Applications tab.
  2. Just below your application, you need to click on View Details.
  3. Now Application Home page will appear which displays the history of your application visa. Now, click on the Bridging visa information option present in the menu on the left side.
  4. In this information page, you will be able to see the complete details of your bridging visa A listed under the Current Bridging visa list. Now, you need to click on Apply for bridging visa.
  5. Now, you have reached the page where you can lodge the application to apply for bridging visa B and begin with the process

I believe that after reading this article you will be able to understand the traveling condition for bridging visa b and how to apply for the same via filling out bridging visa b application online. However, it is advisable to contact MARA registered migration agents in order to outcast the difficulties in the visa procedure.


  1. Bridging visa B application

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