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The outbreak of novel Coronavirus disease primarily in China (Wuhan and Hubei) and now considered a global health emergency – has brought forward the dire need for emergency preparedness in occupational health.

On Feb. 11 2020, a new name for the disease caused by the current novel coronavirus epidemic was announced by the World Health Organization: Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).
The virus itself is decided to be designated with the name- SARS-CoV-2, which “formally recognizes this virus as a sister to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviruses.” A circulating health emergency that was seen in the last decade. COVID19 SARSCoV2 are the common social media signatures that have been designated for common use on social media – to engage with the masses and prevent misinformation or rumours to be spread about the disease.

We have compiled a frequently asked questions guide for our readers to refer and this has been sourced primarily from the W.H.O and other leading authorities on this health emergency as the situation develops.

Important health precaution is social distancing. When in areas experiencing infectious disease activity, consider avoiding crowded areas, where the risk of encountering a sick person is highest. Be cautious when interacting with obviously ill people. In some regions, people may wear paper masks in public. It is important to realize that these masks are designed only to prevent transmission of pathogens from the wearer; although wearing a mask may be better than nothing, paper masks are not intended to prevent transmission of pathogens to the wearer. For such protection, individuals must obtain properly fitted respirator masks. 

Occasionally, during periods of increased transmission of particular diseases or outbreaks of specific illnesses, some hospitals may limit visitation of friends and family to reduce the chance of disease transmission to and from patients. Hospital wards may close; at times, entire facilities may close to non-patient visitors. This is often used as a public health precaution to limit disease spread in a community.

Food and water are common vehicles of pathogen transmission, especially in areas without ready access to improved sanitation. Take precautions to avoid potentially contaminated food and water by using only bottled, boiled, or otherwise purified water, and ensuring that all food has been carefully prepared and served. When eating out, individuals should eat only food that is well-cooked and served hot.


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