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Death Penalty should be abolished or not

Now Days this question is a very controversial that Death penalty should be aboished or not
 I am totally in favour of the decriminalisation of death penalty.
 Death penalty refers for a Death punishment given by the court for the rare offences like Sedition , waging war against the state , Gangrape and other heinous crime.
 I would likely to justify yourself in two points
 (1) An eye for an eye will make the whole world is blind : Mahatma Gandhi
 Now time has come to adopt the reformative theory of punishment because Criminal is not criminal by birth Situation made them criminal.
 (2) second reason behind the decriminalisation of death penalty is that it is prohibited in 149 countries of the world and it is not necessary that criminal commits a crime again they can be reform and our Article 21 is also says that everyone has right to live and personal liberty in conclusion I would likely to says that In our Country Retributive theory of punishment has failed to stopped the crime and through Death penalty you can kill the criminal but not his ideology so Now we needs to accept the reformative theory of punishment and decriminalised of death penalty.

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