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Exams, Test For Eligibility, Or A Joke Of Education

Henry Fischel the man behind thought of exams the person which every student in us hates but why? He didn't get the thought to use the exams as a tool to bind a free man to this machine world it is the governments and the corporate world which did it, to control the free will, make a man a working robot, but what is the actual reason for a exam that is we find out the eligibility, the knowledge and experience and the personal growth of every and any individual because growth every and any individual is the growth of a the nation and of course the whole world

Educational system in the history before a paper and ink was known, tested every and any individual by their physical and psychological personality and there knowledge in the required particular subject or skill either of workman or a minister swordsman or a archer a soldier or a commander or a priest or a king everyone had their roles assigned by and for there expertise

But what we witness today by many educational institutions is that skills and knowledge don't matter in this racing world, the days and nights that the RIGHT AND WORTHY INDIVIDUAL worked hard for doesn't matter to anyone what they quest for is individual who gets name and fame to their particular institution so that more individuals get admitted in their institutions and pay the by any means necessary

And the RIGHT AND WORTHY INDIVIDUALS who have the skill, the talent and the interest in a particular subject get bamboozled by this society and the system to do something they are not interested and later the same society and system disowns and disgraces them,

The very quality of the every and any individual is being deprived by the Indian educational system through means of heavy not understandable learning of 11 hours a day the individuals who attempt the exams who get biggest ranks could do

nothing because they either studied on scholarship or loans of which they put their rest of their lives to pay them back and the once who pass out the quarter of them wouldn't and wont stand on the field they chosen and the actual talented gets backstabbed proven not worthy of his talent and later many individuals die or commit crimes for their livelihood, thanks to the Indian educational system for controlling the Indian population.

And educational scams are not a new issue in our country, from revealing of question papers to, early and sudden release of results to fake certificates and the nepotism of corrupted public officials who should be taken away their citizenship rights from them

And students who pass out by coping in exams I express this with honesty everyone who wrote an exam from his birth have done it but it should know when do it and why do it first because we are bad at that subjects or some of are even feared of that subject why did we grew that fear? We have find the answers for that because things happened to us then made who we are today and we cant change that but we can reject the bad qualities of us for improve us and this society we are together alone. the medically or psychologically handicap young individuals are not treated and they being treated as unequals to other individuals there is that one teacher or professor or person who actually cares and he/she is always downtrend or he decides to change himself or herself because of some individuals who are only wasting the money of their guardians

Rest known to us they want to control us the once who defies them either gets their name in the hit list or they will join them and try to control the rest before and any society if you don't fall in line till the right time you punished

And so I ask what is the product that our honoured educational is producing and the production that we are exporting? And we the individuals ourselves don't want stay in our country for our progress

Our progress is the progress of the country we live in so yes study abroad is not a good idea unless it help in helping your native world and the once who's idea of making settlements for the rest of their lives in the host country are noting but traitors for this country the corrupt officials fall in the same category

Written By: Mr.Wolf

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