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BJP wants NRC to be conducted across India. By ordering it be carried out in Assam, has SC opened a can of worms?

What is NRC?

NRC is National Register of Citizens. It is a register which is maintained by the Government of India, and it contains the names and several other relevant information for identification of Indian citizens in Assam. But is it really important? Yes. India is a home to several illegal immigrants, especially Assam.

The first register was prepared after the 1951 census, and since then no efforts have been made by the Government of India to update it. 24th March,1971 marks the separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan and the creation of a new country namely Bangladesh. Since then several people have and are yet illegally migrating to India. The first register which should have been updated much before has not been updated thanks to the previous governments.

The Government then did not take any stringent action against the growing population of these illegal immigrants in Assam and all over the country. According to them by denying these people to take shelter in our country would be a violation of humanity. These immigrants who have illegally infiltrated in India do not even pay taxes.

Indians who have been residing in India since several years and who are the rightful citizens are thereby deprived of the services, since many immigrants have access to services which is the right of the Indian citizens. Humanity is a concept, a belief which must be followed, but not at the expense of our own fellow citizens. No country will entertain illegal immigrants.

So why is the need for India to follow the principle of Humanity so religiously and allow them to enter our country?
Can the previous governments answer this, certainly not? These people migrate to India in search of job opportunities, better facilities which they have got over the past years, but at the cost of the Indian Citizen’s money.

The increasing population of the illegal immigrants all over the country, especially Assam is a threat for the overall development of the country. Since these immigrants do not have proper houses to reside many of them have built small houses on streets, footpaths, under the bridges, across the country.

These houses do not have proper sanitation facilities and thus various activities such as bathing, defecation, washing of clothes, utensils and other activities are done on the footpaths or streets which is a nuisance. In Mumbai at places such as Sandhurst Road and the Dockyard Road one can find several illegal immigrants who have occupied the streets and the adjoining footpaths built small wooden houses and use the roads as washroom creating a nuisance for the travellers.

India is for Indians, and not these immigrants. Recently the Supreme Court gave a judgement in favour of National Register of Citizens in Assam. However, the procedure of the National Register of Citizens in Assam will be done under the supervision of Supreme Court.

The entire process is conducted by Mr Prateek Hajela, an IAS officer. The National Register of Citizens which is at present implemented in Assam should be implemented across India. This will help to identify the illegal immigrants all over the country.

The task of updating the first register which was not done by the previous governments on grounds of humanity which is successfully and aptly done by the BJP government. Thus, by supporting the government’s decision of conducting the National Register of Citizens and ordering to be carried out in Assam, The Supreme Court has not opened a can of worms.

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