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The Justice and The Judge

The very essence of justice is where individuals like you and I and the people get what we rightfully deserve, though we like or we don't like it because they are the consequences of our actions but, are we getting what we rightfully deserve? and what is that we rightfully deserve? and when we think see or hear about the words that justice is done what is the literal meaning of it that the accused has been proved guilty and convicted and the property belongs to individual who has his named documented basing on evidence and facts?

There is a bitter and darker side for the evidences and facts them selves because they are invisible in the bright sunlight and are only seen when we want to see them or they are manipulated and redesigned and the consequences of this is the very ideology of justice is being overwritten by the ideology of survival.

But the ideology of justice has always brought back up in the course of time but what is the use of it when not just one life but a whole generation is ruined? And not just the ideology of it, justice is being delayed since the dawn on the modern judiciary because there is pendency of cases in every court on reasons of lack of evidence lack of witnesses monthly adjournments for the reasons lawyers or persons being absent.

And thankfully the courts are being digitalized to meet the needs of the lawyer so that no more adjournments are given and the cases are closed as soon as possible,

But not only the courts grant justice to the individuals there are other forms of justice as street justice and digital justice. Street justice or mob justice is where a accused of case who may or may not be the actual culprit is killed or hanged by the street mob or the public and digital justice is where the evidence is presented to the media and shown to the public digitally through televisions and social media with the lack of faith in some parts of the judiciary though they are unethical and illegal there are many incidents where they happened and there are also incidents where the culprit escaped and a innocent killed by the public because justice is a coin where some particular individuals see only one side of it.

The Judge is the one who administrators the justice he is considered as God before lawyers doctors and police his judgment can't be with emotions but rational where he should consider facts and the deeper truths of a particular case and the judge should be experienced the field of law through the practice of advocacy because in many of some cases truth is so dark that it can't been seen because of the obstacles of the power, money, nepotism etc.

But what are judges made of today? as soon as many aspirants of law exits their basic learning with their law degree they are going to judiciary without the practice of advocacy and stuck in the district courts where the judges who practiced advocacy are called upon to the high courts and the supreme court because there is a difference even in between experience of law and knowledge of law.

And some or many judges are sold out and many honest judges are feared by local thugs and the politicians and it is only in the district courts of the Indian judiciary because even districts are lacking respect even from private law firms this is the bitter truth.

And it is not that the district courts are not powerful but they are not strict by the book less said we have more to do for our country then meets the eye.

Written By: Mr.Wolf

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