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Change Is Imminent Adaptation Is Relevant

As of this year on July 1st 2024, we will be accessing into the new face of criminal justice system and machinery of the justice itself. Justice is an ideology which has the sole purpose to relives the human world from the burden of revenge and vengeance and it should be administered in such a way where not only justice is done but the righteous justice is done in other words dharma is done. can that be possible with the change of the justice systems from generation to generation? The very ideology of the Indian criminal judicial system is that "hundred accused may get saved but not one innocent shall be punished" which is Blackstone's formulation, is this ideology going to change?

Neither we see this ideology being followed, the reason the count of the accused population in the Indian prisons is higher than the convicts and most of the accused are believed to be innocents or the one who came up with robbery or stealing but as time passed on, they are being charged with homicide and murder. Is this because of the age-old police system?

Though I am not criticizing the police nor the system but why shall an innocent be a victim of it when the actual culprit gets escaped. Fear and nepotism are another reason, should we expect that this will change? That the law enforcement detains the actual culprit and not an innocent by fabricating evidence and framing more than one charge which is egregious.

Will this change?
Though Justice is blind the judge isn't, the judge knows who the actual culprit is but he waits for the right and perfect evidence and lack of that evidence, we have families ruined, people suffered a life is not just a life but is his whole family though the convicted get punished for long term but now it's even longer the reason well it's the same nepotism and corruption were the police are controlled by the politicians. will this change? and hope it will.

Because we had no punishment of community service but for the first time in the Indian history there will be a chance given to first time convicted for robbery or stealing, cheating and murder can begin his life in profound way where he doesn't have to commit crimes and earn for his daily life by getting paid for the punishment of community service he have to do this is a new way of Correctional administration but still it's in the hands of the lawyer who is bond to his duty.

And of protection of women, we can't acknowledge that women can be protected by the new codes because the very idea is based on the behaviour of every man and even woman when it comes to sexual harassment or rape but what we know that the culprits are never convicted but even if the culprits are convicted their punishment is life time imprisonment which is actually 14 years but the changed laws say the imprisonment is whole natural life imprisonment or 10 years imprisonment but is it enough?

Because you get food and roof in the prisons and death is forgettable and why should the state take responsibility of a person who has no respect to his opposite gender? I speak my mind here the punishment for the rape convicts should be to surgically removing their human genitals and let them free in the society by this there won't be any future convicts but the accused will be many as per the NCRB reports of 2019 and 2021 in India 86 rape cases are filed every day and the conviction of rape is 27% meaning 27 convicts for 100 cases filed the reason is the fake cases that women file on men to extort money well this has been a business for them and lawyers I feel same full to say the arrest of a woman named Bhawna Sharma of Jaipur who had file 12 rape cases in 4 years including a gang rape case was arrested on May 19 thankfully and other women who says that she will fill a rape case on her co-worker if he don't love her or want to marry her and a mother asks her brother to rape her own daughter. the list goes on, if we punish the convicted what of these women who extort money and blackmail man, is there no punishment for them? What we need are the laws that are gender neutral but not gender equal.

The fact of evidence that was to be submitted in court of law through a paper record or a document has evolved by accepting the digital record or proof as a equivalent evidence on the base of it being a secondary in the court of law because we are in digital generation and the honourable chief justice of India justice DY Chandrachud announced that the government had made provisions to digitalize the courts of India hence there shall be postponing of the cases and the arguments and witness and other testimonials can be presented in courts digitally but is it safe?

Because if there is light it's because it's night. There are hackers capable of doing things we can't imagine and money can buy anything and anyone except the person who fights for right cause. If Evidence is proof of the crime or charge, but the proofs have been changed in the favour of the people who are rich and powerful evidences and witnesses are being changed and brought off for the favour of rich and powerful and for the culprits to escape. can we get to see this changed?

We can change the rules, the law, the ideologies of the justice system but can we change the system itself. It will take time but they will find loopholes even in this criminal justice system because they always will and then maybe even this system will change in the future era because Change is imminent adaptation is relevant.

Written By: Mr.Wolf

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