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Exploring Prostitution: A Human Perspective on History, Causes, Legalities, and Challenges in India

Definition of Prostitution

The word prostitution come from a Latin word called prostituere which means to expose publicly. It is a practice where people take part in sexual activity in exchange for money. The person who engages in this activity is called a prostitute. The situation of prostitution and law changes around the world, reflecting contrasting conclusions. Where some consider it as a business on the other hand some view it as a type of abuse or savagery against women and kids that assists to a new type of crime of human trafficking.

History of Prostitution in India

Prostitution is considered as one of the oldest professions of the world. In India it's all started form the term devadasi, a devadasi is a previous adaptation of prostitute who used to contribute their entire life in the devotion of God, according to some, devadasi consider God as their husband and devote their whole life in their worshiping. Before the British rule devadasi were treated with difference and with respect by the royal families. No man, including the kings and Mughals were set out to even touch them. But this came to end after the British steps in the country. Devadasi began performing in the court of British and gradually it changes into one night stand, making them joys of sexual pleasure and this made ready for prostitution in nation like India.

Causes of Prostitution

There are many causes of prostitution, but one of the major cause of prostitution is poverty and economic deprivation, it is arguably the most significant driver of prostitution in India. Economic hardship compels individual especially, women from marginalized community to enter in prostitution as the means of their survival. Second, major cause for this is the lack of education and employment opportunities, lack of education and limited employment opportunities contribute significantly to the prevalence of the prostitution. Some of the other major causes of prostitution includes gender inequality, domestic violence, social stigma, discrimination and inadequate legal framework.

Is prostitution legalized in India?

If we talk about the world then we have countries like Kenya, Morocco, Afghanistan etc. where prostitution is not tolerated and is illegal to carry out prostitution. On the other hand, there are countries where prostitution is legal and regularizes with proper laws e.g. New Zealand, Australia, Austria etc. on the contrary if we talk about India where prostitution is legal, but it is legal with certain limitations and restriction. In India, as per Indian penal code (IPC), prostitution is not in a broad sense is illegal, but several activities under prostitution is punishable under law, such as running brothels, soliciting, trafficking and pimping are punishable offence in India under The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, (1956).

Challenges Faced by Sex Workers

Sex worker in India faces multiple traumas such as sexual violence emotional abuse physical assault and diseases like cervical cancer HIV and std are increasing as no steps have taken for their betterment, they also face debilitating stigma and discrimination that erodes their ability to protect their health and well-being.

In the end from the analysis, it can be inferred that for an issue like prostitution, there exists no requirement for any specific cure, such as criminalizing, decriminalizing or sanctioning it. From the past research it is difficult to refute the fact that legalization of prostitution bears both negative as well as positive effects. Therefore, just providing legal validity to prostitution will not be sufficient to resolve this problem rather than this a uniform law must be made for its administration in our country. As regulation of prostitution will help to safeguard the sex workers and their children from getting exploited. Not only this it will ensure protection of the health of the sex workers and the society at large. Thenceforth a set of rules and regulations should be established in order to regulate this industry.

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