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Crime Against Women Who Is To Be Blamed?

As per the national crime record bureau (NCRB) report 2017 around 3,59,849 cases of crime against women reported in the whole country. The number has increased by 6 % as compared to 2016. And the heart wrenching fact is that majority of cases were under ‘Cruelty by husband or his relatives’.

On the one hand we are claiming that our society is getting broadened day by day but on the other hand the rate of crime against women is increasing. Whenever there is a discussion on why there is a rise in crime against women some set of intellectuals blame the police, some blame the judiciary and bizarrely some people blame the women itself for crime against them. Now to find the solution for this problem we have to go to the root cause.

Rather blaming each other we must find out  why and how this anti social attitude is developing among some people.

In the process of socialisation of a child formal agencies like education and informal agencies like family, society or public opinions play a vital role. Various agencies of socialisation moulds a Childs behaviour. Proper socialisation makes perfect humans. Somewhere and somehow we are failing to socialise our children  properly.
Family is the first school of a man. Today also some families are discriminating their members on the basis of gender. The patriarchal system should not prevail in a family. In some parts of the society still we can see families are male dominated. In a family setup every member should work unanimously. The child learns a lot from his own family. So if a family is paying enough respect to females then this will eventually put a positive impact on the child.

Previously the families were joint where a large number of people used to stay under one roof. There was good mutual understanding among the members. In that condition the child used to learn the dictates of conscience in a better manner. But today with rise in number of nuclear families and busy parents the Child is learning everything from internet and social media which is adversely affecting a child.
After family it is education which influence one’s behaviour. Education is not limited only to marks or certificates. Along with knowledge we have to impart common ethics and principles. Todays education needs a revolution. We need to focus more on moral values and culture. If we go through the data it is disappointing to observe that well educated families are also committing crime against women.

Highly qualified husband and in laws are committing crime related to dowry. Such incidents puts a question mark on our educational system. We are making our future generation fit for high paid jobs but emphasis should be given on how they could be made fit for the society.
Women in India have been given equal right as men but the sad reality is in practical life it is limited only to pen and paper. Not a day goes by where you don’t hear of the news of a crime against women in India .
Although we cannot deny the fact that judiciary and legislation play a vital role in crime control but gender inequality and lack of proper education are also the causes. The whole society has a part in this.

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