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Media Trials: Balancing Act Between Justice and Sensationalism

Media is considered as fourth pillar in India. Media primary duty is to circulate, inform the unfiltered truth to people or in society. However many times it has been seen that just for TRP or in race to be in First .Sometimes media publish or show news which is not correct .Many times it is seen that media runs parallel trials of a person and these trials are known as media trials. Media trials are trials which are run by media and these media trials affect many other aspects of society and law.

Media trials are very commonly seen in media nowadays. These trials are done on famous actors, Politicians or of famous personalities, etc. And in many media trials a person is declared criminal or accused of crime before judiciary declare that person so. These type of activities are direct violation of natural justice and legal principal.

Media trials has great impact over society also as many or most of people form their opining of based on how it is projected in news or media and some time in media trials if person is portrait as criminal then most of people in society also start assuming that person as criminals without proper investigation this type of news not only effect person but also the person family as in society that person is seen as a criminal and people start distance themselves from such person and their families as it effect person's life and mental health .

Negative Effect Of Media Trials:

  • Risk of disturbance in society.
  • Reputation of person gets destroyed.
  • Mental stress on victim and his/her family.
  • Breach of right to privacy provided under Article 21 of Indian constitution.
  • Societal pressure over judges.
  • May lead to injustice.

Justice K.S Puttaswamy (Retd) vs. Union of India (2018)
In this it was held that media trials can infringe the right to privacy of person.

Air India Urination Case (2023):

In this case it was allegation made over a man that he has urinated on Air India flight and in this case it was held by court that News chanels for TRP Or to be fist in showcase news forgets that every person have right to privacy and right to dignity and news channels some time forgets that.

Positive Effect Of Media Trials:

  • Per motes Transparency and accountability in judicial process.
  • Creating Public Awareness by educating public about their rights.
  • High lights flaws or loopholes in legal system.
  • Give voice to victim and help them to seek justice and support from public.
  • Prevent abuse of powers within legal institutions.
Media trials are India is very common now days these trials are not define anywhere in Law but it drives their power from Article 19 of Indian constitution. Media trials have both positive and negative impact in society and on judiciary. As many media trials helps to keep check over legal institution, per motes transparency reduce white cooler crimes, educate public about their legal rights, help to deliver justice to victims but in many cases it is seen that media trial have negative impact also as media sometimes just for TRP showcase the news which is not right or some time in media trial they declare person convict of crime as a result it effect person life and family. Sometimes media trials put uneasy pressure over judges as results it effect deliver of justice.


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