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Upholding the Supremacy of Law: The Judiciary's Role in Democratic Governance

The Rule of Law is the fundamental principle of governance for any civilized democratic polity. Our constitutional scheme is based upon the concept of the Rule of Law, which we have adopted and given to ourselves. Everyone, whether individually or collectively, is unquestionably under the supremacy of law.

Whoever the person may be, however high he or she is, no one is above the law notwithstanding how powerful and how rich he or she may be. For achieving the establishment of the Rule of Law, the Constitution has assigned the task to the judiciary in the country. It is only through the courts that the Rule of Law unfolds its contents and establishes its concept.

For the judiciary to perform its duties and functions effectively and true to the spirit which is sacredly entrusted, the dignity and authority of the courts have to be respected and protected at all costs. The confidence in the courts of justice, which the people possess, cannot, in any way, be allowed to be tarnished, diminished, or wiped out by the contumacious behavior of any person.

The only weapon of protecting itself from the onslaught to the institution is the long arm of contempt of court left in the armory of the judicial repository, which, when needed, can reach any height or distance, however far away it may be.

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