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Stop Acid Attack

Some time ago I was running social media in my phone and I saw a post on Acid Attack when I search that incident was from U.K. After that, when I started doing research, on Acid Attack.

I came to know that the U.K comes first place in the cases of acid attack in the world. After that when I tried to know about the incident of Acid Attack in India. India was no less behind in these acid attack cases. India also has highest incidence of Acid Attack in the world.

About 300 acid attack are reported in India each year. Survivor Advocate says that the number of case is probably close to 1000. An acid attack also called acid throwing, As the victims of Acid Attack was pointed out when acid was thrown at them as the acid fell his skin began to melt like a plastic, at that time it seemed as if lot of stones placed on his head. When I read the cases of such an attack . So I thought who are these people, who gave them the right to spoil the someone life. Our country is the country where women are worshiped and they are considered to be goddesses.

It is a matter of shame for us that such works are happening in our society too. A person who throws acid escapes by throwing acid only once. But our society kills the acid of its stems everyday. He is discriminated against and does not treat her well which causes him to end his life .Study of Indian news reports from January 2002 to October 2010 , there are 153 cases of Acid assault were reported in Indian print media, while 174 judicial cases were reported in the year of 2000 and In 35% of those cases, it was said that the boy had acid attack on the girl because the girl refused to have an illegal relationship with him or refused to marry him.

Some of them are very famous cases, Such as the attack of acid attack with Sonali Mukherjee in 2003 and Laxmi Agarwal in 2005. Out of this, a biography on Lakshmi Aggarwal has also come some time back and we should promote biography like Chhapak because these pictures give good lessons in our society. In which it was told that the acid attack on Laxmi Aggarwal was done due to this because she refused to marry a boy twice his age. In this I salute Lakshmi Aggarwal Ji. Who put up a PIL in Supreme Court and then the Supreme Court thereafter closed the sale of acid openly.

Laxmi Aggarwal also runs NGO Chhanv foundations today .In this, she helps the victims of acid attack. As we know that the incidence of acid attack is increasing in our society, then what was the law in it earlier? Earlier there was no separate provision in the IPC and a case was registered under Section 326 of the IPC for serious injury.

If convicted, there was a provision of imprisonment up to 10 years or life imprisonment. But now more changes have been brought in it. There is a strict law to prevent acid attack under the new law. In view of the recommendations of the Justice J.S Verma Commission, the government has made provisions for a new law in the IPC and it is said that Sections 326A , 326B of the IPC also came into existence.

Provision has been made under Section 326A of the IPC that if a person attacks another with acid and due to this, the body part of that person is damaged or the body is injured or burns then it seems If convicted, such a person can be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years and maximum life imprisonment. Attempt for acid attack will also carry a minimum of 5 years of imprisonment If a person tries such a technique with intent to damage or harm someone else, a case will be registered against him under Section 326B of the IPC. If found guilty in this case, the punishment of at least 5 years can be more than 7 years.

But despite such a stringent law, the petitioner NGO told the Supreme Court that even now acid sales are being done easily in many places and the states have failed to stop it. Due to this, cases of acid attack have increased.

Last year, 310 cases were reported, the highest being 186 in Uttar Pradesh, 53 in Madhya Pradesh and 27 in Delhi. And then according to the recent Supreme Court directive to stop acid, the Supreme Court has asked the Central and State Governments to enact a law to regulate the sale of acid, compensation of Rs 300000 for the treatment and rehabilitation of the victim . There is also a provision for giving.

Today, despite the strict laws in our society, cases of such attacks are not coming down. In the end, I would just say that the incidence of acid attack should be stopped as soon as possible. If even a small piece of glass goes into someone's hand today, he too starts screaming, but imagine what would happen to a person who had an acid attack? Stop Acid attack... 

Written By: Sanyam, B.A.LL.B

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