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China's Election Interference In Canada

Allegation on China:

In today's world elections play an important role as backbone of a democratic nation but due to the polarization of the power among nations have posed a threat to democracy in modern world. The strong and powerful nations often tend to influence elections in various countries to fulfill their illicit interest and to show dominance over world politics. Same has been case between China and Canada even though Canada is developed nation but still its far behind the global giant China.

There have been many instances when China's interference can be seen in politics of other nations posing a threat to the sovereignty of those nations. In this case CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) prepared a report in which it claimed that the federal elections in Canada in the years 2019 and 2021 were "covertly and fraudulently" rigged by Chinese government to fulfill Beijing's strategic interest. Even though these are mere allegations put by intelligence agency they still pose a threat to the world peace and sovereignty of not just Canada but also the other nations at hands of China.

The Chinese Effect:

The allegation on China made by CSIS suggests that China was actively persistent and the most influence source in foreign interference in Canada. China used proxies, and other Chinese official in Canada to fulfill their need of interest in the Canadian elections. China manipulated some targets in their favor while some were willingly cooperative. The reports suggest that Chinese Government in regional language and a Chinese app name we chat used to manipulative techniques to manipulate the Canadian Chinese and refrain them from voting the anti-Chinese candidate in Canadian elections

Although there are no solid proof about China rigging the election in Canada but still there are indications that states that China was in contact with Canadian Chinese voters and induced and manipulated them to not vote for the anti-Chinese candidates in China

There are allegations that a candidate name Han Dong was voted by a large number of Canadian voters just because belongs to China and the authorities in China used coercive methods to manipulate Chinese Canadian voters to vote for Han Dong.

The China's Say

The Chinese authorities over these allegations replied that the Canadian agency CSIS is putting base less accusations in China. The authorities also replied that they any say or any solid evidence to accuse the Chinese government of manipulating the Chinese Canadian voters for voting in Canada. China also says that these false and base less accusations are just to degrade the image of China over the international politics, and they also say that chins is not interfering in the Canadian politics in any sense and sovereignty of Canada is still intact.

The China also said that they do not intend or forced the voters who belong Chinese nationality in Canada to vote for Han Dong and these are mere baseless claims of the agency of Canada.

Its effects on international politics

This news is not just important on context of Canada and China, but it is also a news effecting the international politics and international peace, the allegation on the Chian isn't just allegations of interfering the Canadian elections but also it is affecting the international world. The interference of China states that one country is interfering in the sovereignty of another country over its own territory, this is not just against the country whose sovereignty is hindered but it also in derogation of UN charter's principles over the sovereignty of countries and this can affect the world order and can lead to the chaos in the international peace.

What does Canadian Prime Minister say?

Amid the news about the China's interference in the Canadian elections the Prime Minister of Canada made a statement in a press release in which he said that the China's interference did not effect the elections in any way and he said that "Those elections held in their integrity, (they) were decided by Canadians"

This statement was made after the news about Chinese authorities' interference in Canadian elections was shared in the country by CSIS. They are no proofs of the interference about the rigging of the elections by China in Canada and this gives a way to the Prime Minister of Canada to support the non-interference of China in Canadian elections.

The spotlight is on Canada's spy agency because Justin Trudeau and his closest allies claim they were never informed of a study alleging Beijing meddled in the federal elections of 2019 and 2021 in a "clandestine and deceptive" manner.

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, testified under oath regarding the measures his government took to counter the threat of foreign meddling. The country is currently engaged in a controversial public inquiry that is "examining and assessing" foreign interference by China, Russia, and other foreign states and non-state actors. Throughout his nearly four-hour speech, Trudeau reaffirmed that prior federal elections "held in their integrity" despite efforts by adversarial states. "Canadians decided [the elections]," stated Trudeau.

Role of CSIS

In response to the remarks made by the Prime Minister of Canada the agency of Canada CSIS stated that they warned the government regarding the interference of China in the Canadian Elections. The agency is presenting a conflicting view to that of the Canadian Prime Minister. The Chinese government is suspected by Canada's spy service of interfering "clandestinely and deceptively" in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) informed the Prime Minister's Office of this in February 2023, according to a top-secret briefing note that was discussed at the Foreign Interference Commission.

The paper was presented on Monday and was called "remarkable" by one of the attorneys who appeared before the public inquiry of the panel.

This briefing was prepared for the Prime Minister's Office in response to articles published in The Globe and Mail and Global News that detailed intelligence disclosures on attempted foreign meddling by the People's Republic of China.

The news of Chinese interference in the elections conducted in Canada took the world by storm not because of the involvement of Chinese government but because it is affecting a country's sovereignty. The China even though disagreed and rejected the claims made by CSIS but still the news is being fluctuated in the international market. This makes a affect on the reputation of a country in the world and this is also against the UN charter's principles of non-interference.


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