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Return Of India Neighbourhood First Policy From Afghanistan: As A Hindu And Sikhs Rights Protection

The Taliban's plan to return property to Afghanistan's minority Sikh and Hindu populations has been greeted favourably by India. The "Justice Ministry" of the Taliban government in Kabul has launched a massive crackdown in recent weeks on property owners who had obtained their properties unlawfully in earlier decades in an attempt to rid Afghanistan's major cities of the property mafia.

Role of Diplomatic Initiatives:

  • Diplomatic Initiatives is vital to safeguarding the rights and enabling the safe return of Sikhs and Hindus who have been displaced. It's a complicated scenario, and one important weapon to make sure the Taliban fulfills its promises to these minority populations is diplomacy.

Effects shown on Taliban:

  • Return of property: It might be possible for Sikhs and Hindus who left Afghanistan to get back the land that was taken from them.
  • Safeguarding the rights of minorities: Given the Taliban's professed dedication to upholding the rights of minorities, things may become better for Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan.

Current Challenges:

  • Trustworthiness of the Taliban: Hindus and Sikhs are only two examples of the religious minority that the Taliban have a history of targeting with violence and prejudice. There's no assurance they'll follow through on their commitments, so their recent pronouncements should be viewed with skepticism.
  • Verification Process: It can be difficult and time-consuming to determine who is actually the true owner of land, particularly in the wake of years of conflict and relocation. Returning families may be harmed or discouraged by delays or a lack of transparency.
  • Security Issues: In Afghanistan, overall security is still precarious. Minority groups returning may be worried about safety and possible persecution even though the Taliban has given them promises.
  • Reintegration: Rebuilding lives and enterprises after leaving the country will be a major struggle for returning Hindus and Sikhs, even if property is recovered.

The main finding points to a possible improvement for Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan, but there are still big obstacles to overcome. Although the Taliban appears to be reaching out, their past makes one skeptical.
It is essential to take diplomatic actions. They can assist in establishing confidence with displaced people, confirming land ownership claims, and making sure the Taliban keeps its word. For Hindus and Sikhs to safely return and reintegrate, there must also be strong international pressure and support.
In the end, this outreach's success depends more on the Taliban's deeds than their words. The international community can make a significant contribution to holding the Taliban responsible and paving the way for a more secure future for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs through diplomatic engagement.

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