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Your Guide to Filing a Writ Petition in Public Interest

Writ Petition in Public Interest

A writ petition in public interest invoking extraordinary original jurisdiction under Article 32 of the Constitution read with Order XXXVII Rules 1 and 12(1) (d) (2) of the Rules shall be filed in Form no 33 and shall disclose:
  1. The full name of the petitioner, his complete address, email address, and annual income, PAN number, and National Unique Card Number, if any.
  2. The facts constituting the cause of action.
  3. The nature of injury caused or likely to be caused to the public.
  4. The nature and extent of personal interests, if any, of the petitioner(s).
  5. Details regarding any civil, criminal, or revenue litigation involving the petitioner or any of the petitioners, which has or could have a legal nexus with the issue involved in the public interest litigation.
  6. Whether the concerned Government Authority was moved for relief sought in the public interest litigation.
It shall be accompanied by an affidavit, stating that the petitioner has no personal gain, private motive, or oblique reason in filing such a petition.

It shall contain a statement/declaration of the petitioner that, to his knowledge, the issue raised was not dealt with or decided and that a similar or identical petition was not filed earlier by the petitioner or by any other person, and in case such an issue was dealt with similarly or an identical petition was filed earlier, its status and result thereof.

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