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False News Media Handel

The media is known as the 4th Pillar of democracy in India, In recent years the media and so-called influencers have been all over the place, on social media, and other platforms with a very high engagement rate by our youth and other people. The media used to back in days act as eyes and ears for the people guiding them, and informing them, that plenty of scams were out and that also led to many sting operations. Where's the Media now?

In recent years as statics by India is home to over 150 million active online consumers of news in Indian languages, the majority of which are concentrated in rural India. If such calculation be done on an Urban site in India aka "Videshi Babu" (a foreigner used as slang in rural areas) as over 100 million active users daily connecting via all social media sources.

According to Themediaan a report published with the title Top News Channels TRP in 2024 of the Week 10 (2 Mar � 8 Mar) updated on 20th March 2024, the top News Channel were listed as followings;-

Top News Channels TRP of Week 10 (2 Mar - 8 Mar)
Channel TRP
  • Aaj Tak 0.03
  • India TV 0.03
  • ABP News 0.02
  • News18 India 0.03
Yes, the following data is being taken by BARC Source where we have such an influenced media busy with Elvish Yadav Cases, and getting all the footage and TRP from such goons and not so worth it people the news coverage of Ladakh becomes a joke for them Sonam Wangchuk was on a 21-day-long fast "to remind the government of its promises to safeguard Ladakh's environment and tribal indigenous culture".

But the media was not so concerned about covering it, the Newspaper like the Hindu, Live Mint, BBC, and other platforms have covered the news in detail from day 1, Media like the famous face AAJ TAK, India TV, ABP NEWS, NEWS18INDIA, ZEE NEWS, they being a mere puppets of TRP.

They sell news to these trained professionals being subjected by our Hon'ble Supreme Court of India under a Notice issued for them with a penalty of 1lakh INR that was still ineffective just because of TRP rating the news channels where disobeying and shattering the guidelines issued by News Broadcasters and Digital Association (NBDA), namely, the News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBSA).

Moreover, a report by The Wire on 29th Feb 2024, has written an article update on such media stating "The News Broadcasting & Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) has called for several television news programs to be taken down and fine paid, for their role in spreading hatred and communal disharmony."

"Times Now Navbharat has been fined Rs 1 lakh and News 18 India has been ordered to pay a fine of Rs 50,000 and a warning has been issued to Aaj Tak. All three channels have been ordered to take down the online versions of the programmes within seven days" (source Live Law)

Now mainstream media with such a powerful background and a large media coverage all over India certainly be expected to maintain the decorum of their news channels to promote peace, harmony, right coverage, and following of guidance for the viewers. But as to speaking of irony, these media houses in particular with other media channels including Zee News, DD News, News24, Republic Bharat, India TV, India News, India Today and so on the so-called channel have now become vital business corruption of information and Focusing on TRP rather than the News that been shown.

Praising the ruling government, and political parties, everyone supported who are the investors in such media houses - the owners of News18 and CNN 18 are none other than Successful Business owner of India Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Owner of Times Group Mr. Sahu Jain, Owner of India Group Mr. Aroon Purie, Owner of NDTV Another Successful Businessman Mr. Gautam Adani, Rajat Sharma for India TV, the list will be along one to give but these people who own the media houses people are well aware whom they Fund, how they fund, So-called "DONATION FOR GOVERNEMNT" and why such be given.

The article is clears the dust off the shoulders of such media and they are aware that being a media is to serve justice rather than supporting the rapist and presenting them as Idols because they serve food on social media and claim to be a servant of nations. Media Houses are full of bogus views, Unethical Coverage, showing of social stars' lives, and predicting & passing judgments on media trails, a codology is being created by them with fake news, and articles, manipulating the facts and numbers. A shameful media presence has been created and such faces talking about news that are presented with all fake and utter nonsense.

As the people of India understand that our ignorance of the fact that things will never change and so we don't try to make things right as it should makes us the real culprit of creating such a media house, we need to understand the importance of the vote, questions, protest, unity if we need to save our nation because its Our Nation Our Right And Our Vote To Decided.

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