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What Is A Right And What Does Right To Life Include In India Under Article 21 Of The Indian Constitution

Rights are fundamental entitlements granted to all individuals without discrimination based on caste, religion, gender or any other attribute. Article 21 of the Indian constitution ensures the right to life and personal life for all individuals making a crucial provision safe guarding human rights of Indian citizenship. The Supreme Court has emphasised the rights which includes right to health, education livelihood and a clean environment.

As humans, rights can attach to living beings, and none of other rights would have any value without it. Article 21 of constitution of India 1950 states that 'no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law' hence this prohibits encroachment upon one's personal right to life .The state here refers to all entitles having statutory authority like government and parliament, this violation of the right by private entities is not within its purview.

The right to life is fundamental to our very existence without which we cannot live as human beings and includes all those aspects of life which makes a man's life meaningful, complete and worth living hence it is recognised in all civilised societies and their legal systems. A successful democracy can only be that guarantees its citizens the right to protect their own life.

In this blog we delve into a ground breaking case law that has a profound impact on the right to life and safe guarding human dignity shedding light on the impact of article 21 on the case law Maneka Gandhi v union of India (1978) which was a significant case were supreme court broadened the interpretation of the right to life , it stated that the right to life not includes physical existence but also the right to a meaningful dignified life. The court emphasised that every law or action affecting personal liberty must be fair just and reasonable.

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