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How Much Time It Takes to Resolve an Auto Accident Claim

When it comes to car-accident claim settlements, victims have many questions about the same. Then, these questions should be asked to attorneys experienced in such cases. Now, the answers vary on a host of factors, which are specific to a victim’s claim, kind of injury, the severity of the accident, and the cooperation level of the insurance firm, if the case is filed in a court of law.

According to an article published on, not every auto accident will make a claim increase. There are non-chargeable accidents such as when your vehicle was parked lawfully and it was damaged at that time. Then, car accident claims also take some time. Read on to learn how much time it usually requires to get a fair settlement.

Kind of injury
The length of an accident injury claim largely depends on the type of injuries sustained. Usually, the more severe the bruises and cuts are, the more time it would take to settle a claim in a court of law. That is because you will need to see a doctor for complete treatment. Normally, attorneys wait for accident victims to heal and show medical improvement so that the full value of the damages after a car crash could be aptly determined. Your medical condition needs to be stable and doctors will decide whether you need more attention and care. Your attorney should have the knowledge of all your medical expenses.

Cooperation of the insurance provider
Your insurance provider will have the right to examine your accident case as well as communicate with people involved. Then, there are certain deadlines for resolving accident claims. A professional Brisbane Car Accident Law Firm will know about the timeframe when to file a claim for a quick settlement. In some fatal accident cases, the insurance firm has six months to make a claim and sometimes, this time limit is extended, if the insurance provider needs to do more investigation about the accident. The victim, however, has the right to ask for a written explanation if your claim isn’t settled within the deadline.

An unprofessional insurance firm may take a long time to process your claim and therefore, you need to work with a provider with decades of experience in car accident cases. Again, if your compensation claim is rejected, it will take a longer time for settlement.

If your case is filed in a court of law
When your claim is declined or your insurance provider cannot make a practical compensation offer, you will need to go to a court of law. Your attorney might try to discuss the resolution soon once the case is filed. When an agreement isn't reached, your case will go to trial so that you receive fair compensation after a car accident.

One of the most essential aspects of the pre-examination procedure is detection when an attorney will ask you for information about your accident claim. The insurance firm might not provide one more resolution until this procedure is finished, which could take many months.

Keep these factors in mind when filing a claim after an accident. Consult with your car accident lawyer and never hide any information, big or small, for a quick settlement.

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