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Why Feminism Is Becoming Opinionated: Loosing The Core

The term "feminism" has evolved to encompass various interpretations, ranging from accusations of misandry to assertions of female empowerment. It has become a contentious issue, more driven by emotions than rational discourse. When feminism is mentioned, it often evokes images of self-sufficient, resilient women striving for progress.

Setting aside emotional biases, the fundamental question becomes not about defining feminists but about understanding their objectives. Primarily, feminists advocate for equal pay between genders. However, examining this issue reveals that many influential positions are already occupied by women.

Moreover, a significant portion of wealth is controlled by certain individuals, both men and women. Should feminists extend their advocacy to men in similar financial positions for true equality?

Another point of contention is the call for equal opportunities. Ultimately, what determines an individual's prospects is their knowledge, skills, and ability to assert themselves. Merely participating in empowerment rallies without personal development won't alter one's circumstances. To achieve equality, individuals must excel and compete on merit.

Critics argue that feminists often lack clarity in their demands, making unreasonable requests such as advocating for female smoking. Rather than pushing for acceptance of smoking among women, focusing on restricting smoking for both genders would be more beneficial. Health concerns transcend gender boundaries.

It's evident that feminism is a concept shaped by subjective viewpoints rather than objective facts. Furthermore, there's a perception that feminism predominantly represents the interests of a specific demographic, neglecting the voices of lower-class and minority women. The systemic discrimination they face underscores the challenges of inclusivity within the feminist movement.

In conclusion, both men and women play pivotal roles in shaping societal norms, and fostering equality requires collaboration between genders. Our culture reflects our survival instincts, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and cooperation.

These are my perspectives on the matter. Thank you for considering them. 

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