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Is being an absolutely professional lawyer a peril in India

Is being an absolutely professional lawyer a peril in India?

When an advocate takes an oath before obtaining their license, they promise to help anybody who is in need for legal support. This statement had a different reaction to the general public, nowadays it has been seen as a trend that advocates are being threatened for taking up cases especially criminal ones, like for example when advocate Deepika Singh was threatened for taking up the case for the victim in a rape case in Kathua, to an extent of killing her, advocate Rajeev Dhavan was also threatened for representing the Muslim side in Babri Masjid land dispute case or usual cases where an advocate represents an accused but people think they are representing criminals.

In 2020 advocates professionalism is always being questioned for taking up sensitive cases , however the general public fails to understand that it is their duty to protect and help people for legal support in court of law, it’s an oath to be kept at heart, just like doctors take the oath of saving their patients irrespective of anything, advocates are also supposed to do the same.

In many cases it also the courts who appoint advocates to the accused because everyone has a right to legal remedy, but people fail to understand that and think that advocates are nothing but un-true, criminals and immoral beings.

Talking about loss of reputation in advocacy due to representing the other side is very common in this profession as people think advocates have a choice in choosing their clients, a professional advocate represents whoever approaches them and doesn’t discriminate between them, but people think otherwise, by doing such acts the general public drew a line for professionalism in legal advocacy which will not only limit a persons capacity to work but also their willingness.

Thus in 2020 is it actually good for advocates for doing something that they have taken an oath to uphold?

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