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The Pros And Cons Of The New Criminal Laws

We being humans, we all have bad and good qualities. When it comes to things, those have advantages and disadvantages too. The determination of whether it is good or not is totally based upon our perception of seeing it. As this topic is about the new laws, definitely there would be pros and cons. Some would agree and some wouldn't. Before going to the main context, we must understand how the present generation is. It should be categorized into two, fast pacing or slow pacing.

Obviously, today's generation has been so fast pacing and things aren't being constant for long. When it comes to technology or education, it is becoming advanced than one could imagine. We don't know some of the things which the young people know. There has been abundant growth in the mindset of the younger generation. If we stick on to the old things, then we aren't meeting the requirements that are essentially needed in this era. One step back from learning the current things might itself become a problem for us in leading our lives. This is how the world is as of now.

Main context: When we focus on the present laws in our country, we all are aware that a new changes have been made and we no longer follow the old laws such as, Indian Penal code, Criminal procedure code, and Indian Evidence Act. These are considered to be the utmost vital in the judicial system and presently these are being replaced with new laws such as Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, Bharatiya Saksha Adhinayam, Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita.

Some might think that the names have only been changed and there's nothing new about it which is totally a wrong assumption. Several concepts are included in all three main laws and as there is inclusion of topics, definitely there would be a change in the numbering of provisions too. Of course, the names of the present laws are bit difficult to catch as all these have the common word at first which is 'Bharatiya' and at the end 'Sanhita'.

Some become befuddled what each law implies, whether law of evidence or Indian penal code or Criminal procedure code. After the effective implementation of laws, the entire nation could be seen mugging up the sections in order to prepare arguments or judgements or orders or books, what not everything would be changed. To give a slight glance regarding the upcoming days, let's have a look at the demonitisation that happened in the year 2016.

It gives us chills when we think of it. A sudden change caused an immense hassle. It is completely related to the currency but it had its own advantages and disadvantages of doing it. In the same way, this also have the same. The reason behind bringing this issue is, to witness the change. How exactly the change would be? Though these two are two entirely different concepts, the similarity that lies between those is the change. How the change would be? I hope this clearly gives you an understanding how the near days would be.

Pros: When we consider the pros first, the first advantage is, inclusion of topics. Some of them that are added now didn't prevail in the previous laws. One such example is, E-Evidence. We all are aware what evidence is. But, do we know what exactly this electronic evidence conveys? A well defined statement exist in Bharatiya Saksha Adhinayam. Nowadays, all things are happening on online right from transactions to shopping, everything is happening with our fingers. We need not move an inch. Simultaneously, there has been numerous occurrence of crimes in the online world too.

For the things happening on online, physical objects are of no use to prove something at all. All the evidence would be in the system. Not all knows how to prove it except the people who are experts in it. This electronic evidence is novel to us all and to prove something in the court of law, we must know what the law considers first. All these things are clearly mentioned in the present novel law. Some might be thinking, what happens if we follow the same old law just by making a few amendments in it? Well, how many amendments could we make? 'Don't you think it is a time taking process?

Instead of changing, why can't we structuralize the whole thing into a new one which is needed one day or the other? The answer to the first question could be easily found in the subsequent questions raised. There is another pro regarding the change of names that uplifts the nation's pride. 'How long should we need to follow the same old names set by the Britishers?'

Why can't we have our own that symbolizes our nation 'Bharath'?' If we have the names that symbolise our nation, then it would be like we having our own recognition, having a special status. Even our country's name has been changed to 'Bharat' from 'India'. The word 'Bharat' has deeper meaning compared to 'India'.

The whole world will know the importance of having such a noble name. A small change could impact more. In the same way, change of names in law would rise its significance and recognition all over the globe. The third pro which you can understand in the form of a question is, 'Don't you feel bored without any changes in anything?' It could be your life, food, or dressing style, or in any. 'Don't you crave for a change?' Obviously one would like a change and for how long can one follow the monotonous things?

We all deserve changes, we can't follow the same things because it would result us in stepping bit behind as earlier stated in the beginning. Of course, the previous laws are well-structured and are upto the mark. But when we consider the prestine things happening around us. The laws deserve a change and it should cover all. We can't keep on following the old structured laws. If we do, then our nation would become backward compared to other nations legal procedures. These are the pros I observed. Now shifting our focus to the cons.

Cons: The first con is, time taking in adjustment. Sudden change in anything would certainly make one anxious to adjust as we become accustomed in practising the same thing. Not just the law, it could be a new place, food or dress or gadgets. When we use it for a few days, those would become normalised.

In the same way, these new laws are arduos to catch a bit in the beginning but would become normal after a few days. So, a huge struggle is ahead for all of us who are in this professional field and who are going to enter. The second con in the form of a question, 'Don't you miss the old one when there's a new one?'

This question is kind of in the absurd form. But we all do miss the old laws as they have been into existence for so long and that too they have profound significance. It is like losing an old friend who was the the reason for the creation of lifetime memories when meeting a new one. It is also like using a new gadget after an old one that helped us in many ways like capturing stuff, the conversations we had using the old one, the moments when we carried it along with us to places, it some way or the other been a part of us. Small thing or a big thing, all are the same. So, this is the con I have anticipated.

The last con is, refreshing the memory. Imagine that you have studied so hard in memorising all the sections required for an exam and suddenly you come to know that everything has been changed. Definitely, you would feel bad about it as you invested plenty of time reading it and now the main task that you should do is refreshing the memory of yours and to begin reading the new ones. The struggle you did in remembering the numbers would obviously go vain but not the concepts fully. Just extra concepts are yet to be covered. These are the cons that people might face and it is inevitable when we are ready accepting that brings a change.

The whole matter that is presented above is purely based on my understanding and I'm not sure whether those would become true. The whole is based my views towards it. All the pros and cons might go wrong as I anticipated as it differs from one to another. I didn't intend to disrespect the law in any points above. I'm eagerly waiting for the new change which the whole nation would witness in the upcoming days. I could say that I'm enthralled to experience it. I hope my article gave you a few effective insights.

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