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Protection Of Children And Welfare Overview

Case Law Relating To Protection Of Children And Welfare
In the middle period there were many evil were developed in the society and specially relating to women. But they are reform by social reformers and government.

But the question is the exploitation against children are existing in society or not?
It is proved that the now is present society the children are not fully safe and with or without knowledge there guardian they have exploited by others one.

For the reformation and protection of children the supreme court upheld major judgement to provide justice.

Such as In case of Bachpan Bachao Andolan v/s Union Of India 2012

  • The children were forcefully detained in circus without the consent or knowledge of there family.
  • The children were also be abused by way of physical, mental or verbal.
  • The not only the circus children but also other children were abused.
  • The PIL file under the article of 32 of constitution for the purpose of wide public interest.

The supreme court held that the, the complete restrictions or prohibited the children in circus.

The court notify the circus to within 2 month form the date of judgement prohibited the children work in circus.

There are some more need to enact the new laws for the protection of children. The legislature and judiciary perform his role perfectly, but the need to reform it form the society and his work can be happen only by the public.

Written By: Arpit Kumawat, MLSU Law College Udaipur
Instagram @niti_siksha

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