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Medical Evidence Supporting That A Minor Girl Was Raped And Murdered

In this case the defence counsel submitted that this was a circumstances in favour of the accused who had obviously displayed affection for the deceased and when he came to know that she was dead that he totally lost all interest in life and therefore, threatened to commit suicide.

Court felt this was too innocent and explanation or a point of view because the remaining circumstances in this case conclusively establish the guilt of the accused and the court was, therefore, required to view it in this background as to what possibly could be his reaction and it doesn't surprise us if out of a sense of fear compounded with guilt and remorse, he did perhaps feel that it was the end of the road for him and that , therefore this was the only option.

The real test came from something else namely the fact that if the accused had nothing to do with the incident and had nothing to do with the girl,as was the defense theory, there is no explanation for his conduct. That Alone was sufficient to indicate his complicity.

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