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Publication By Shyam Meera Singh On Convict Ram Rahim

Respect system of "Administration of Justice"

Journalists must avoid "Targeted Toxic Journalism"

Every right runs with a duty and the right of free speech under the Constitution of India is also not an exception to this rule. Journalists have no more right to free speech than an ordinary citizen have. Rather journalists are more responsible for their duties under the Code of Ethics. One cannot perceive that a journalist doesn't know the difference between 'informative media' and 'media trial'.

Our Constitution permits informative media but prohibits the later. Nobody including a journalist has a right to publish a declaratory version regarding a sub-judiced criminal proceeding. One cannot be allowed to sit upon appellate Court where statutory appeal is pending for adjudication. The idea behind this is that Judges are part of society and also sub-consciously influenced by several forces including media.

Contents aired by Shyam Meera Singh on his YouTube channel are nothing but an attempt to affect the administration of justice being declaratory, one-sided jumping over conclusions and seemingly omission, negligently or deliberately, of the other side of evidence.

The tone and tenor of the content is toxic and targeted. Besides an attempt to bring down the reputation of an individual, the timing of publication when the most awaited hearing to appeal of a convict is fixed, appears to be targeted in an attempt to influence pending criminal proceedings.

One may have its own assumption, presumption and perceptions which may be true or may not be true but it does not give a right to publish when trial by way of statutory appeal is pending. Such acts, intentional or unintentional, should not be permitted even on the grounds that Ram Rahim or any other is convicted in three cases or publication is a re-publication of a book in the public domain. Everyone must know his duty and is bound by it levied by the rule of law.

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