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Unheard Voices of India’s Collapsed Angels

Women Are Not The Meat That One Can Contentedly Eat When Incomplete Marriages are divine they say but very often they forget to say marriages are not as benign as they seem from outside as the lives of many angels are broken and collapsed by means of marriage.

A lot of marriages in India aren’t genuinely marriages, they are all just the cases of rape from which many women just cannot escape. Men come out of seraphic wombs of a woman, eventually, get married to Angels, and subsequently, some men rape her day and night after marriage despite she saying no every day and night just because they are esurient for sexual intercourse.

In the age where she could only dream of wearing the cute uniforms and carrying color bags with painted art books she was preparing herself with tears rolling in her red saree and jewels, something which she doesn’t like but something that her parents wanted her to do so. Yes, we do live in a country where there are still child brides facing marital rape after marriage.

Think of the lives of these young angels who don’t even know what intercourse is at such a young age and are being subjected to this cruelty by their husbands. Even worse is some are sold for money. She had dreams of trying to achieve great things in life but all that vanished immediately the second she was married to a man who is only hungry for sex.

Marriage Shouldn’t Be A Hindrance For Women To Achieve Their Dreams For Every Creature On The Earth Has Its Own Purpose.

Sexual Intercourse with your partner forcefully after marriage when your partner is not consenting to it is the spousal rape most popularly referred to as marital rape in India and its something very prevalent. There are very few women who voice out when they face violence after marriage in their intimate relationship.

There are women who dream of becoming a wife and there are women equally who dream day and night of becoming a successful woman who can finance herself and there is already a difference. The saddest part is most of the dreams of the women are buried by the concept of marriage. There is this mindset in the society that once you are married to a man you should never say no to your husband, which ultimately makes it clear that there are people in the country who believe that their sole object is only to satisfy their husbands sexually.

For them, the only happiness is this. Aren’t we ashamed to witness this event? In the pursuit of achieving the goals, many women are being pushed into marriage by force by the parents themselves. We all talk about love care sharing but its high time that we also have to mention consent every time we mention the word love as love made without consent is not lovemaking, it automatically turns out to be something violent.

With women doing wonders from turning out to be soldiers and warrior to reaching out in all the fields through endeavor in par with men don’t dare tell me that we are we living in a country where we still have to fight for equality. With women reaching great heights in India there are also women who are subjected to cruelty and mental violence by forced sexual intercourse after marriage and the saddest part is their NO to the same doesn’t have any value.

Let's not generalize men because there are quality men I see though very few who value women, respect her feelings and make sure she tries to pursue what she really wants to do. There are women who face rape after marriage but they are all hesitant to say that they are raped by their own husbands. See that women aren’t even allowed to voice out their opinions. Not to forget we do have laws against domestic violence in India, most of the laws are safeguarding women but where the actual problem lies is in the implementation. Social transformation should go hand in hand with the legal transformation because what I feel is that despite having laws against domestic violence, many in the society are not ready to come forward to complain.

To some, it is a taboo and some think of it bringing dishonor to the family. I do agree that the procreation of children is definitely one of the objects of marriage but that is not the only object of marriage and I believe that the definition of marriage is for the couple to decide. Consent plays a vital role in the lives of the married couple.

I think it is up to them to decide what they want to do after the marriage. I see many times when a girl child is born and is at the verge of hitting her puberty, people in the society comments like oh she is almost a woman, the very next thing is to get her married and ultimately she should bear her babies Is this the only purpose for which she is born?

Are women only for being wives and mothers? Marriage is not just about love and care but also about consent. Its high time that consent should be given prior importance in marriage. Consent is everything, anything done without the consent is not justifiable. Let's be gender-neutral when it comes to consent.

Written by: Kanimozhi.T and Akash Daniel, Law Students from School of Excellence In Law, Chennai.

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