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This may be the reason why Desires for Lust and Rapes are increasing

There were days, where human being used to live in peaceful environment but now the days have changed drastically. Now human being wants everything quickly just to satisfy themselves and to impress others. I am not blaming any human being for any moral hurt of sentiments; I am just trying to explain why our society is becoming so modern and advanced that they have forget to teach ethical values which our grand-grand ancestors used to teach.

I really appreciate how our country is growing and developing; however, every coin has two sides. The society must be having bad picture also. I am just trying to elaborate my views on what is missing in society which I have learnt throughout my life.

Every alternate day we see or hear about negative news such as, Rape, Murder, Domestic Violence, Divorce and other Criminal activities. Now a day, rape cases are becoming like balloons, which pop-ups all the time in every corner of states.. See here for latest incidence. (Gang rape which took place in Telangana last month)

I would like to highlight some important factors which may be the reason why pleasure for lust and rapes are increasing.

Lack of Moral Values, Lack of Education, and Lack of Restriction from Parents:

It has always been a dilemma that if a family puts restrictions on child, then children can become much conservative; however, it is not always right. We should learn from our life that why our parents were putting restrictions on such acts which were harmful to us. Our parents have not taught us to live like an idiot. In fact none of parents teaches us to do such acts which are shameful.

We, being a young generation, should understand the moral values and importance of education so that we can leave an impact of our values to our generation. We should understand why some people in the society are becoming so aggressive and ashamed of doing shameful acts;
  • Due to lack of moral values, we become so incapable of providing values to our children which inversely results into crime. We are becoming so busy in our ‘show-off’ life that we are not even trying to seat for a minute with our child to give them a guidance.
Moral values are as importance as like a water. If we drink it, it will save us.
  • Due to lack of education, we become so narrow minded that we not even try to think what is wrong or right. Education leads us to a great level, but lack of education leads to crime.
    No religion teaches badly about each other, no religion gives inequality and no religion says to make fights. It is we who don’t apply the principles of religion. Our religion is the best way to teach moral values and life lesson, but we are becoming so busy just to get unnecessary knowledge which has no use.
  • Due to lack of restrictions, we are becoming so open minded that if our child done something wrong, we appreciate and tries to prevent it. Restrictions are very important not only for girls but for boys also. If we put some restrictions on our child, after some point of time throughout in life, they surely realize that restrictions are indeed important.

The restriction should be like:
  • Where our child studies
  • How’s their classmates and peers one.
  • What he/she does in his/her free time
  • Why he/she is coming late after classes or school or college
  • What kind of friend circle he/she has
  • Giving a time table of everything (like study time table, play time table, extra curriculum activities, etc) and such other restrictions which makes them feel that their parents are caring for him/her)

Giving Mobile phones to children at very early stage:

We are becoming so modern now-a-days that we started teaching our child, through our acts and behavior, to use high priced mobile phones. The 90s kids are so lucky that they have spent their child-age years playing outside.

Giving mobile phones at very early stage which results into bad use of technology and internet; we cannot find moral values and life lessons on Google. We cannot find even everything on Google. Some lessons are to be given by us only to our child. Technology is most important for us, but it can be worst sometime. Giving mobile phones at very early stage and not giving proper lessons to our child, in result we will see that he/she is watching something else which makes his/her mind into lust.

Please think about it, what I am trying to say.

Giving too much freedom to children just to impress the Society that how modern we are.

Too much freedom is always leaded to a bad life. Have you ever realized why the divorce cases are very high in modern families. Freedom is good, I am not denying that, but too much freedom gives a signal of doing what I want to do, whether it is illegal or bad, doesn’t matter.

Now-a-days the families are becoming so modern, that they enjoy their spare time in pubs and bars along with their young child.

Schools doesn’t bother about sexual education nor they try to teach “Life Lessons”.

We always think that schools are teaching well educations to our child, but in reality, they don’t. Our schools teaches us how to pass in exam, but don’t teaches the life lessons. Some schools have so modernized that they gives everything, but in return they charge huge amount as fee. Nonetheless, our education system should give us the sex education at early stage with restrictions, so that our children should know what is wrong and right.

Lack of communication between children and their Parents which led to “peer-pressure effect”.

We are becoming so busy in our so called modern life that we don’t even spend a minute with our child to discuss about his/her day. Without communication, no relationship can grow, similarly our children also wants an attention of parents. We don’t give time to child, which results peer-pressure effect of their friends. Without our communication with our child, he/she always think that what friends are doing is correct. That is the reason why school going children starts drinking and smoking at early stage.

Highly Open-Minded Parents and they don’t even feel any wrong while drinking in front of children.
To be an open minded person, sometimes to the some extent is really good, because it gives a comfort relationship between persons; however, becoming too much open minded person leads to wrong direction. The reason is, being a highly open minded person causes less respect and less obedient person. Now a days, children are getting too much freedom from their parents, which inversely results doing what he/she likes by their own keeping in mind that parents are there support irrespective whether he/she has done any wrong or small crime, precisely.

Unnecessary Show-off in society just to attract other people:

We have been living in this society since birth; we also have seen many people around us with different background and culture. Earlier we used to celebrate each and every festival with each other by either meeting in person or by giving some warm wishes in person, but now, the situation has changed. People (we) now prefer wishing only through either call or message. And to attract others, (we) buy unwanted things just to use for a day and throw it on a corner of room. Why, because we think if we look high class people, then society will attract to us, but they forget to attract their own family.

And just because of showing off and trying to attract others, we gradually becomes slave to each other and starts looking for young girl or boys in society just to hangout, and then the unnecessary story begins. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Seeking pleasure consuming alcohol which led to a path of Lust just for temporary pleasure:

These problems are mainly found in young generation. The young generation, are becoming much advanced now a days. They mainly prefer hanging out in pubs and bars. Always tries to attract each other either by spending more money on unnecessary things (drinking out of over capacity) or seeking pleasure otherwise.

However, I must say that the young generation (youths) are much better and much capable in works and knowledge. We must appreciate the youth. My main concern is about to the specific people in our society who can be found in corner of the street or foothpaths or drug dealing point. The ratio of consuming drugs and alcohol is becoming high in young generations, we must think about that.

Lack of good education and qualified member in family:

It is well said proverb that, “a well educated women or man can change the status of family. He /she can transform a family from poor condition to well established conditions.”
We should observe that why some families are not well educated while some families are well educated. It depends upon the mentality and thinking of members in the family. But, education doesn’t mean getting a degree of some professional education, rather it means the real education should create such environment where the family should teach how to behave, how to live a life peacefully.

I have seen many people around society whose parents say, don’t study anymore and just work, get a job to earn money.
Giving too much pressure to child to work at early stage leaving his/her study, will eventually lead to a dangerous life. Then such child starts thinking negatively about the society / parents / people.

Very high impact of TV, Media, Crime Shows, Internet and Mobile Phones in our Mind:

This is the very important factor which is reflecting to one’s life day-by-day now. It is proven psychology that whatever we see every day, our mind conceives that deeply. Our TV shows (that particular shows which are created indicating family issues), Crime Shows, Media, etc are all consuming our minds. Nonetheless TV and all are good for entertainment, but indeed bad also.
Crime shows indicates how crimes are conducted and happens, however it also indicates the criminal thinking in one’s mind. Because, if we see criminal acts every day, our mind starts creating doubts and criminal thoughts, which eventually leads to a crime.

The Media is becoming over rated now a days. It shows such things in such bad manner which creates doubt in society’s mind. Media is good sometimes, it creates awareness. But what is a point of showing a particular crime based on nuisance way.

Internet and Mobiles Phones, these are very good instruments in our life. It helps to develop skills, provided it is used in a proper way. However, sometimes technology becomes worst. Now a day, internet has become cheaper and most of the children use high multimedia phones. And instead using such phones in proper way, they start watching porn and other unwanted videos. Parents don’t even bother about their child’s phones not even check what he or she is doing whole day sticking with phones.

Online dating, chatting with unknown people, indulging in online adult chat, sending nude photos, talking on sex things, sending porn videos and all, now it is becoming common. Just think about the person who does these things, what kind of thoughts must be in his or her mind. Obviously lust and pleasure.

Written By: Adv. Saheb Shaikh - B.Com, M.A (Eco), LL.B, GFMP (Global Finance), DCL (Cyber Law and Crime)
Mail: [email protected],

About the Article / Author:
I have written this above article based on my opinion and studies. I didn’t mean to hurt any people in the society. I just put it up here what I have felt. There is no direct or indirect whatsoever relation between any particular people with me. It is general article based on my opinion and for the education purpose.

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