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Falsity of information by the Accused: Can't but Warrant Punishment u/s 201 Crpc

In the contextual facts, the situation however was slightly different and since the wife alone could explain the death of the husband in the manner as it was noted. The crowbar was not available for few days and it was a subsequent discovery and on a further search, crowbar contained human blood which had been proved to be that of the deceased.

Both the Session Court and the High Court had categorically disbelieved the evidence of the wife and it was in this regard,it was it could not but warrent a punishment u/s 201 IPC, since information regarding the offence was available only with the accused and there was a deliberate attempt to screen the offender from legal punishment by way of providing false information regarding the offence.

On the wake of the aforesaid Court was unable to record concurrence with the submission of Counsel as regards the conviction for the offences u/s 201 IPC. The High Court had been rather lenient in the matter of reducing the sentences but since there was no cross appeal by the State against the judgement, court did not intend to proceed with the matter any further, excepting confirming in the contextual facts the judgement of the High Court. The appeal, therefore failed and thus was dismissed.

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