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Prostitution: Legality v/s Morality

The general meaning of prostitution (also known as sex work) ,the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity for the purpose of money or other valuable thing.

The prostitution may be women, men or transgender but historically most prostitution have been a women and most client men.

Legality of the sex work:
According to the article 19(1)(g), all the citizen shall have a right - to practice any profession ,or to carry on any occupation, trade or business.

Article 19(1)(g) provides all the citizen are free to perform any business according there interest.

The work of prostitution as profession are legal, The court held that all the persons have a equal right to carry on any business

In case of Budhadev Karmaskar V. State Of West Bengal

In this judgement the court secure the sex worker and with a help of article 21 issue a judgement on protection on sex worker.

The court held that the according to article 21 of the Indian constitution prostitution have a right to live dignify life as normal citizens.

The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956
According to this act the sex work is legal but the running brothel are illegal . The work of prostitution is legally done but the soliciting of people and luring them into sexual activities are illegal.

In the case of Gaurav Jain vs UOI The supreme court held that the sex worker also have the fundamental rights and human rights

Morality of the sex work:

The profession of the work is the very ancient in the world and also in India. The many Indians are agree with that sex work are unethical or violation of cultural value. prostitution is viewed in certain cultural as an insult to the sacredness of marriage and the family.

The ways to reducing the prostitution;
Strict rule and amendment of law:
The legislature should work towards bringing in strict enforcement of laws, there are the duty of the government to enforce more effective laws in respect of sex work.

Creating awareness among public:
The work of prostitution make wider because the main reason of lack of awareness and inefficiency of education. The government should be aware the people about what are the bed sides of this profession for example ,HIV and other sexual transmit disease.

Provide more employment; The sex worker profess this business in absence on employment and lack of money , the main purpose of prostitution in money and when the purpose are complete by other source the rating is automatically decrease.

This is the very difficult to says that the work of prostitution is totally wrong or right, but it is clears that the is not a absolute types of profession. It merely against the morality of the country or ethics. The absolute prohibition not be possible by government because of certain right of human who are protecting there interest.

Written By Arpit Kumawat, A Seventh Semester Student Of College Mlsu ,Udaipur

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