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Information Technology Law

Information and communication  mean of survival of modern living, for our well-being it's very important to us realise that how well and how fast we build and distribute in the society which happened only with the help of the evolution of the electronic devices.

However, it goes without saying that wherever men tread the law make it possible. Keep pace, for people have the tendency to punce upon any opportunity that comes their way and exploit it to the fullest, no matter how unethical the means be. As a result, for that reason it's important to evaluate and check the illegal practices which can be done by strong legal provisions with appropriate actions!

The evolute and development of technology has transformed the reporting or conveying things in such a way that the popular ways seem old and unpopular. The business houses and the clients are utilising the benefits of computers, the replica of machines and cell phones as their main tools of connection and the information nowadays kept in electronic forms and the medieval way of arranging things are on their way out.

Its more convenient, affordable and time saving which confirms well ordered business. The question arises before law is to build the good accuracy of the facts on same footing without being affected by the various change and evolution that occurs in the mode of communication and the storage of facts and details.

Electronic trading, given its pace, expansion is not that simple to observe and control, and standard ways of detection and examination are of some assistance.

As the electronic trading profits reasons, it has become more relevant and compulsory for the law to be more successful and manageable towards unethical practices to safeguard the interest of business and trading although guarding and encouraging the national economic interests as well.

The rapid growth and use of e-commerce in international trading and business made possible for many states and countries to switch their old ways i.e., from paper records to electronic records.

The International model law gives equal and fair use of legal treatment towards every user of electronic conveyance and paper-based conveyance.

Therefore, India for the purpose of giving legal recognition to the electronic evidence and digital signature, sanctioned the Information Technology Act, 2000. The provision gives the legal recognition of the proceedings performed by the mode of electronic device by way of exchanging the electronic details and other ways of electronic communication, often mentioned as electronic trading or businesses.

This includes the utilization of other replacements to the paper-based ways and also made easy electronic way of keeping documents with the government organizations.

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