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Same Sex Marriage acceptance in India

Marriage is legally and socially certified where male and female make their relationship and follows their ritual, belief, rule, and live their life full of fortune. It further permits breeding. In India Marriage is very auspicious and festive. Furthermore, a new marriage set foot in Indian culture known as homosexual marriage. In India homosexual marriage want their status like wedlock. In Navtej Singh Johar vs Union of India, the Supreme Court of India held that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 is unconstitutional and against the order of nature.

These days many groups and individuals where participated in a large number of protests for the acceptance of same-sex marriage with full of utility. Many countries banned homosexual marriages unanimously. These people are called gay, have faith in homosexual marriages and follow same the structure of wedlock. Indian wedlock is severe and they are bound by relationship, law, ritual, custom, and so on.

Homosexuality has a long-term past in human civilization. Many countries have found homosexuality in their limit. From Pre - colonization to Post - colonization, from Western countries to the middle east. Many pieces of evidence declared the homosexuality narrative. Chinese literature described that there are many anecdotes of engaging in homosexuality.

During the Ming dynasty, their emperor Zhengde had a homosexual relationship with a Muslim leader named Sayyid Husain. In Japan have also homosexuality has been documented for thousands of years. Every country has a particular Index for homosexuality. Homosexuality in India is come for a long time. Many ancient scriptures like Veda, statues, and Kamasutra are evidence of homosexuality in India.

From Aryan civilization to British colonization there was much faith in homosexuality but they are not able to actively express their marriages due to Indian hardcore rituals and rules. But much evidence proved homosexuality is part of Indian culture. Hindu philosophy has the theory of homosexual which is performed by many times in the Indian past. In Kamasutra, many portraits are based on homosexual, depicted in the book.

Acceptance Of Same-Sex Marriage In Indian Society.

Indian societies are highly against the same-sex marriages. Since 1987, Many couples who come from the middle-class family they perform same-sex marriages and have no contact with the gay movement. Their family is totally against the union and lodged a case against them. The police generally puzzle these types of couples. Indian Judiciary usually upheld their rights to whomever they wanted to live.

Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriages from an Indian family perspective is as much as brutal. The Indian societies have their own set of rules and norms which are based on their rituals, history, and tradition. Indian societies have fully responsible that they protect Indian wedlock. They know marriage has the goal to create offspring and set a secure region for future generations. Now many celebrities/influential peoples open their remarks and some of them take a bold step to move their standards in same-sex marriages.

Global Acceptance Of Same-Sex Marriage

With the growing concern, thirty-three countries legalized same-sex marriage in their territories. The United nation rise its hand in favor of same-sex marriage, they observe the LGBTQ in terms of rights, expression, freedom, and so on. Discriminating a person based on sex is not a good deal. Human rights also see with the perspective specs of the Same Sex marriage, they also stand with the same-sex marriage.

United States of America - In 2015, The Supreme Court of America, legalized the same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, where the Constitution grants the same-sex marriage. Following the USA countries like Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and so on legalized same-sex marriage. More than half of countries have legalized it with the goal of equality among all gender, the right to live in harmony, right to marry whom they want to live their whole life.

Current Situation By The Eye Of Indian Law

Indian marriages are ruled by a special marriage act. There is no mention of same-sex marriages in Indian law. Indian thought considers same-sex marriage as a mental disorder, same as well as the institution of RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ) also consider same-sex marriage a mental disorder. In the case of Supriyo v Union of India, the petitioner insists that Special Marriage Act section 4(c) accepts marriages only between males and females. There are many known facts and arguments for unconstitutional same-sex marriage. Indian culture and Indian mind would not accept same-sex marriage.

Global Acceptance Of Same-Sex Marriage

There are presently 34 countries that legalized same-sex marriage: - the United States of America, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Belgium, Taiwan, Finland, Austria, Chile, Australia, Iceland, Uruguay, South Africa, Sweden, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Andorra, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Chile, Canada, Portugal, Norway, Malta, Ireland, Colombia. Many countries are in the process of legalization. With the global divide on homosexuality, western countries accept homosexuality but Eastern Europe, Ukraine, India, and Russia are in the process to legalized or not.

The same-sex marriage future would not be transparent in India. Global acceptance is also divided on same-sex marriage as well as in India. The global view is different from India, India is diversified in their culture and religions. So the conclusion of Same-sex marriage is difficult in India or accepted by Indian people. The welfare of the government of India and policymakers, and legal debates also declared fruitful results.

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