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Summarise of Law for Judicial Review

The purpose of judicial Review of administrative action is intended to prevent Arbitrariness and to check whether the choise or decision is made lawfully and not to chek whether the decision was sound.

Therefore unless the Court is satisfied that there is a substantial amount of public interest or the transaction is entered in to malafide or against the mandate of Art 14 of the Constitution,the court should not intervene under Article 226.

The Court can not act as Appellate Authority. by subsisting it's opinion in respect of selection made for entering in to such contract which can be said to be basi in Nature and after an objective consideration of different opinions available taking in to account the interests of the State and the public

Ref Sterling Computer s Ltd vs M & N publication s Ltd (1993) 1SCC 445.

Tata Cellular vs UOI ( 1994) 6 SCC 651.

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